DitoGear™ Modulo Announcement & Evolution update.

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Here at DitoGear™ the summer is hot and busy. Last time, besides of Evolution we promised you a surprise for this year. Now we announce.

DitoGear™ Modulo is the upcoming modular motion control system. Yet another one? Indeed. This time, however, we leave so much to your imagination!

DitoGear™ Modulo

Time to get back to your childhood. You probably used to play a lot with toys and blocks and come up with amazing machines and constructions… Same here! These times are back with DitoGear™ Modulo.

One motor block, multiple add-on parts and unlimited possibilities.

DitoGear™ Evolution

DitoGear™ Evolution

DitoGear™ Evolution

Let’s have a look at the design fundamentals:

  1. DitoGear™ Modulo is truly modular, whatever it takes.
  2. The ModuloDrive servo motor blocks are compact, strong and compatible with all existing and future motion controllers: OmniController, Trito, DragonBridge and upcoming wireless, keyframe-based Evolution!
  3. Even the ModuloDrive motor blocks are modular. What? Yes, you can replace the drive wheels at the motor shaft easily with a rope/cable pulley, traction belt gear or a drive/friction wheel.
  4. Modulo can be configured as 1-axis system or multiaxis system depending on your creativity.
  5. All parts are precisely CNC machined and are mostly compatible with dozens of 3rd party accessories. The entire design is based on 15mm rods and there are ¼” threaded holes almost everywhere.
[tentblogger-vimeo 48435855]


Let’s have a look at some configurations now:

  1. Motorized table (“skater”)  dolly?
    No problem! Goes manually in a motor-free configuration as well if you like.
  2. Lightweight and modular slider/dolly?
    Finally! Easily configure Modulo as a modular slider/dolly using 15mm-standard rods-based track. Add multiple track modules as you go and easily take the tools on your next flight. Put the motor module on the trolley or on the end-block.
  3. Curved track? We made it an ill-posed problem. See #1 and have fun.
  4. Curved track again? OK, you have an indie-dolly with a curved track. A ModuloDrive unit, a bit of DIY and you have it motorized.
  5. Cable dolly with timelapse drives? Easily, just find good cable dolly and install ModuloDrive unit.
  6. Wanted to motorize your igus-based slider? Not a problem with Modulo.
  7. Wanted to motorize your DIY dolly and you’re tired with all the hassle? Get a modulo drive and have fun using your hardware and existing super-easy to use DitoGear™motion controllers.

With modulo only your imagination puts the limits.


  1. Modulo “Curiosity Rover” configuration with OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 1800.00
  2. Modulo Dolly Kit w/ motor on the end blocks, 1m track, OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 2895.00
  3. Modulo Dolly Kit w/ motor on the trolley, 1m track, OmniController and accessories starting at ~ USD 2651.00
  4. 1m Track Extension ~USD 150.00

Availability: Premiere at Photokina 2012. Retail a bit later.

During testing of Modulo Prototypes we have also played with the beta version of Evolution rinning the Modulo “Curiosity” Rover wirelessly.
DitoGear™ Evolution

DitoGear™ Evolution

DitoGear™ Evolution

Some images of DitoGear™ Modulo Prototypes:

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)

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