Digital Convergence Episode 88: That’s One Small Step For A Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

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Patrick Moreau returns today in episode #88 of the Digital Convergence Podcast, along with Stillmotion's Justin Demers, to talk with planetMitch and I about music and sound design for filmmaking.

Digital Convergence Episode 88

Some of the topics we discuss:

  • How should a filmmaker approach the selection of music for their film?
  • What is “nat” sound and why is it an important part of telling your story?
  • When should I use music, and when should I not use music?
  • Should I use a top 40 song in my soundtrack?
  • How do I draw attention to my story with music – without the music becoming the “star”?
  • What approach should I take during editing when I'm not sure what music will be used?
  • How do I avoid fatigue in listening to the same music over and over in an edit session?
  • Why can I not simply use a song from my iTunes library for a commercial or event job?
  • Where can I get music that is fresh and original without paying thousands of dollars?
  • Why and how did With Etiquette come to be?
  • How is With Etiquette music different from “stock” music?

Lot's of insights on selecting the right music for your next video from Patrick and Justin. We will have the Stillmotion team back on again in the near future!

Chris Fenwick was not able to join us this week due to a client commitment – he'll be back next week.

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