Digital Convergence Episode 87: On The Move With Stillmotion

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In this week’s episode of the Digital Convergence PodcastChris FenwickplanetMitch, and I talk with Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion. Patrick has truly transformed event filmmaking. I first learned of Patrick a few years ago in an episode of Zacuto’s and Steve Weiss’ timeless filmmaker webisode FilmFellas – (in case you want to see the episode Patrick was in, it’s here: Cast 5 The Epic Wedding). Zacuto aptly describes Patrick and the Stillmotion creative team:

Stillmotion is a band of filmmakers who, as a rule, tend to let their curiosity get the better of them. They believe the process of discovery is as important as what goes on the screen. Their films tell stories—big, small, and anywhere in between. In their own words, they’ve racked up plenty of miles and hard drive space doing work for Showtime, Callaway, CBS, NFL, and Canon. If this sounds like namedropping, well, it is. But with those credentials—plus the hundreds of happy wedding couples they have filmed, you know they have to be good.”

In this episode, Patrick talks about their new app: SMAPP. The app was created to help make filmmaking more approachable and easier to understand. Stillmotion is also publishing a 380 page book (it’s currently at the printers): The KNOW Book – the SM Guide To Filmmaking. Patrick says that this book, “is probably the best thing we’ve done as a team.” We can’t wait to read it! As usual, though, we take the road less traveled and take a number of detours where we discuss everything from high frame rate video versus the 24p film aesthetic to pondering the question: is everything a re-mix?

know by stillmotion

We enjoyed speaking with Patrick so much and are deeply grateful for him buying out time to appear on our show despite his busy schedule. We are planning to have him back on next week to talk more about the creative process of putting a story together and choosing the right music to support our story. Should be an informative and inspiring episode.

This month we’ve reached a huge milestone for DCP – the show has been downloaded more times this month than any other previous month since the show’s inception. And the month isn’t even over! What made that possible? In part, our listeners. So we thank you so much for listening and spreading the word about the podcast.

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