daily planet5D #34 – the hot new Canon EOS C100 – the end of the HDSLR revolution?

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In episode 34 we do detailed discussion about the brand-new Canon EOS C100 and its most important features, as well as some analysis about whether or not this signals the end of the HDSLR revolution (hint – I don't think it does – what do you think?). There's a poll question right below the daily planet5D video below.

Vincent Laforet wrote an article “Canon C100 leads to murky future for mid- to upper-range Video HDSLRs” (and note his qualification on the “mid to upper range”) and here's a snippet:

I think this camera will likely put a noticeable dent in the use of mid- to upper- range HDSLRs for video production such as the Canon 5D MKIII and Canon EOS 1DX given that the C100 meets a lot of the ergonomic needs of filmmakers that HDSLRS lack (EVF, LCD, Built in ND) and a superb sensor behind it that generates an extremely sharp, wide dynamic range, and low noise image at high ISOs, off of a super-35 size 16:9 sensor.

While I do think Vincent is potentially right in that many of the high-end professional projects may move towards Canon EOS C100 or Canon EOS C300, there are still thousands upon thousands of uses for the HDSLRs and we are not likely to see sales or usage of the HDSLRs to drop significantly. Of course, there's also the Blackmagic Cinema Camera that could trump usage of HDSLRs as well as Canon EOS C100s (especially due to its price!).

I think the major factor continuing the HDSLR revolution is still the price and how the HDSLRs have put moviemaking into the hands of the masses. Sure, as people move up in skills and budget, they'll move to the higher end cameras, but until they come down to the below $3000 price range, the HDSLRs will still reign.

daily planet5D #34 – the hot new Canon EOS C100

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  1. The main feature is that this C100 is ready to shoot out of the box as Vicent says,with a HDSLR you have to do a huge spense to get ready.And the final quality and ergonomics are not the same at all

  2. Man, Canon is playing games with us…now the C100??? I’ve been a canon DSLR fan boy for a long time, and I’m ready to jump ship….. I’m going back to my HV30, what’s next? the C50 for the low budget guys like us, oh my bad I think the C50 is called the 5D3 with the filter taken out so the picture can be a little sharper…..Canon need to stop playing game with the low budget film makers that made the “canon DSLR” famous..Yes I’m mad!!! mad I tell you, MAD!!

  3. Yes. Absolutely. But it’s not just the C100. The recent offerings from Sony, The Panasonic AF-100 and still more to come I’m sure.

    The happy accident of the large sensor video DSLR fulfilled a need that caught the Manufacture’s off guard. Now they understand the market and (a developmental cycle later) are bringing a flood of new products to market to fulfill this need.

  4. Simple. Price dictates ABSOLUTELY. The only REAL threat to canon is Black Magic CC. I personally think Black magic have got most of it right with their package. I own a 5DmkII and will continue to attempt film making with what I have.

    The best hardware in the world does not make a good film alone. It helps a lot though. Ultimately there is no compromise for creative (and raw) talent.

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