daily planet5D #31 – inexpensive follow focus

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we take a look at three different inexpensive follow focus units. One from DSLR solutions, one from Foton Accessories, and lastly one from Varavon.

Each of these has their own pluses and minuses so we thought we'd show all three of them together to give you an idea of what kinds of simple follow focus units are on the market. Scroll down to see the links!

daily planet5D #31 – inexpensive follow focus

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Foton Accessories

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  1. Does varavon sell the follow focus somewhere else? I tried to follow the links and it seems you can only buy it from a wholeseller.

    1. I’ve forwarded your question to Varavon – hopefully, we’ll know soon

  2. Thanks for reviewing our product, the DSLR Follow Focus.

    I have a couple things to add:

    • We now offer the focus handle by itself for $30 and have four sizes to fit a wider range of lenses.

    • The current version of focus markers do have more holding power than the earlier version that you have.

    I always enjoy your videos, thanks again.

    -DSLR Solutions

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