Cinevate sliders with DitoGear™ motion control solutions

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Cinevate™ is an established Canadian company with a long track record of producing some of the industry’s best camera sliders for digital cinema, video and DSLR cinematography.

DitoGear™ has recently teamed up with Cinevate™ to introduce affordable and portable add-on motion control solutions for Cinevate's family of sliders.

Cinevate and DitoGear work together

Existing and future Cinevate equipment users can benefit from established and intuitive motion control systems developed by DitoGear™ for their existing products, such as OmniSlider, OmniHead and LensDrive. The controllers for Cinevate products boast the full feature set as existing and proven DitoGear™ hardware.

DitoGear™ equipment users can now benefit from the lightweight design and portability of Cinevate hardware while using their favourite DitoGear™ motion control solutions known from the OmniSlider, OmniHead and LensDrive product families.

DitoGear™ motion control kits for Cinevate sliders will be available as add-ons for existing sliders as well as full bundles including sliders and motion control units.

DitoGear™ motion control kits for Cinevate sliders will be available for the following products:

DitoGear Cinevate

DitoGear Cinevate

DitoGear Cinevate

DitoGear Cinevate

DitoGear Cinevate

The motor kits are compatible with all existing and future DitoGear™ motion controllers, such as:

DitoGear Cinevate

Cinevate™ powered by DitoGear™ products will be officially launched during the Photokina trade show in September 2012. Pricing and availability will also be announced at this time.

More details will be revealed at and

(cover photo credit: snap from DitoGear)

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  1. You can contact us at DitoGear™ directly or you can contact Cinevate. We’ll be also presenting the first units at Photokina 2012 next week.

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