Canon DSLR BOOT CAMP coming up Aug 25 & 26 in LA area

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Our good friends over at Canon Boot Camp sent us this urgent note that they have a boot camp coming up on August 25 and 26th for HDSLR movie maker wannabes!

Canon Boot Camp workshops

The Association and the Brooks Institute are proud to announce our partnership in offering Canon Boot Camp workshops in Burbank, California, August 25 & 26th. 

The Canon DSLR cameras have revolutionized film and television production. The Canon engineers have empowered millions to shoot 35mm quality films. We show you the menu settings, software, rigs and techniques to improve your skills as a filmmaker, whether you're a beginner or an experience professional. Our Canon Boot Camps are held in a relaxed but focused learning environment. We follow a step-by-step checklist based on Active Learning method of teaching, i.e. you'll learn by doing. You go at your own pace. Our friendly team of pro's are happy to help you through any steps that may be confusing to you. Drills give you certainty that you have mastered the techniques. Then, on Day Two, we shoot scenes for a short film so you can apply and absorb what you've learned on Day One. You then receive your Canon Boot Camp Pro Level 1 & 2 Certificate.


Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Sign up now.
Prepare yourself for real digital film production with the Canon DSLR!

Filmmakers who attended our Prague Boot Camp on location at the historic Prague train station.

The Sonnet

‘The Sonnet' was shot by our Canon Boot Camp filmmakers in our “hands-on” two-day boot camp. Our Canon Boot Camp is the most effective because we use Active Learning methods. Active Learning is endorsed by Columbia University. It is 80% better than lecture style teaching. So, we teach “real world” camera set up and solutions. The second day our filmmakers apply those skills shooting a short film. Then, we ask some Hollywood pro's to come in for the editing and the music score. [tentblogger-vimeo 43991229]

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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