Buy Cyclops Viewfinder and Get 2 Free DSLR Grips

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Our friends over at Cinevate decided to put out a bonus when you buy their Cyclops Viewfinder – if you buy a Cyclops you get two free articulating grips – now through August 31.

See the special info on the Cinevate site

Buy Cyclops Viewfinder and Get 2 Free DSLR Grips

The summer sun isn’t letting up. To save your eyes (and your focus) we have 2 great ways to save on the Cyclops Viewfinder. From August 1st – 31st, 2012 or while supplies last, you can turn both the Cyclops Viewfinder and the Simplis + Cyclops into a versatile support rig when you receive 2 Free Articulating Grips.

Cyclops is as simple as a viewfinder or as elaborate as a full DSLR support solution. The large optic allows shooters to get crisp focus every time. While the viewfinder doubles as a sun shade users aren’t ‘stuck’ to back of the camera as sharp focus can still be achieved even 3 ft away from the camera. Both configurations of Cyclops can easily be transformed into a full functioning DSLR rig. The articulating grips equip you for run-and-gun style shooting but 15mm rails, shoulder mounts and follow focus can easily be added to accommodate any shooting style.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the Cyclops page)

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