Blackmagic Cinema Camera – two interviews

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Today, we have a couple of interviews about the Blackmagic Cinema Camera – the first is from thePhoblographer “Questions With Terry Frechette: Director of Marketing Americas at Blackmagic Design” and then that we have an interview with John Brawley “Black Magic Camera – Podcast EP #3 – John Brawley Interview” from Den Lennie.

Excitement is building as we're nearing the time when deliveries start!

thePhoblographer Blackmagic Cinema Camera interview

Recently, I had gotten a chance to talk with Terry Frechette, who is the Director of Marketing Americas at Blackmagic Design. My purpose was to try and ask a few questions about their very exciting, game changing camera: The Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Luckily, he graciously took a moment to answers my questions. Hit the jump for the full interview.

Thursten: Where do you position the BMCC in the market? Indie guys, people just starting out? Or every type of film maker?

Terry: The Blackmagic Cinema Camera was designed for anyone looking to do professional video shoots with a feature film look at an affordable cost. This includes a wide range of professionals; independent film makers, people shooting high end television commercials, episodic television programming, feature films, wedding videographers, etc..

Thursten: Are you planning any accessories for the camera besides the pistol mount? Perhaps an EVF?

please read the entire interview here

From Den Lennie – an audio podcast

John Brawley is a Director of Photography working in both Australia and LA. His work has taken him all over the world.

For the last 12 months John has been advising Black Magic on their highly anticipated new Cinema Camera.

We first reported on the Black Magic Cinema Camera at NAB earlier this year.

John has been helping them fine tune the picture and while he had nothing to do with the physical design he has been drawing on his 12 years as a busy working Cinematographer to help Black Magic Design fine tune the raw image quality of the new Cinema Camera.

In this exclusive interview I asked John about his career, how he got to where he is now shooting prime time Australian TV drama and feature films around the world and he also reveals how the Black Magic Design Cinema Camera originated as a passing comment.

John  has also been working closely with the design team at Black Magic and how responsive they have been to his suggestions to make sure the image from the Black Magic Camera is just right before release later this month.

listen to the interview here: Black Magic Camera – John Brawley Interview (Podcast with Den Lennie).

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