Barry Anderson and I on the 48hr Guerrilla Film Challenge podcast

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Barry Anderson and I were recently on the 48 hour Guerrilla Film Challenge podcast talking about our film “Incident on Marmont Avenue” and I wanted to share that with you.

As an update: you were promised a bunch of behind the scenes posts on “Incident on Marmont Avenue” and you will get them – we decided we should get them all ready to go and them post them as a group instead of trickling them out like we started to do. We hope to have those ready in a couple of weeks.

A Talk with Mitch Aunger & Barry Andersson

The GFC team had the pleasure of sitting down with Mitch Aunger of and Director Barry Andersson to discuss their recent film project "Incident on Marmont Avenue". It was a great talk about what it takes to work with new equipment, pro-talent and how the heck to get it all paid for.

To watch the film check out the clip above and be sure to head over to to learn more about the project. Also, Barry literally wrote The Book on DSLR filmmaking "The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook: Real-World Production Techniques" its a great read and full of awesome info.

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It's available on iTunes or you can listen to it on our newly relaunched and redesigned BLOG – The podcast is going to be updated regularly with GFC tips as well as regular features & interviews with Guerrilla Filmmakers & artists so please check it out.

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