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Our good friends over it ikan just announced this new dragonfly HDSLR rig helping you stabilize your handheld video.

DragonFly Rig

Introducing video professionals new best friend, the DRAGONFLY! Designed as a shot stabilizer for DSLR cameras this rig is lightweight and compact enabling the video professional to maximize his coverage in every shot. Versatility is key and the Dragonfly gives the end user just that. Furthermore, equipped with ikan’s new heavy-duty rubberized grips the video professional can truly get a grip and feel secure when using the Dragonfly.


ikan’s new DragonFly is a lightweight handheld rig that is rigidly durable with a travel-friendly form factor. New heavy-duty rubberized handles provide sure grip to the rig and absorb moisture caused by sweat, increasing dependability during the shoot.  These new grips are something to grab on to and never let go.  The DragonFly is extremely customizable. Multiple ¼-20 attachments on top and bottom of the rig give the user the ability to mount lights, monitors, and microphones. With so many options, the possibilities are endless.

The DragonFly will fit any size DSLRs and is a great match for the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. When shooting in glorious 2.5k resolution, don’t you want stabilization with multiple customizable options? The ELEMENTS EV2 DragonFly is just that. With an affordable price and practical application for novice and professional shooters alike, the DragonFly is set to inspire your focus in the moment of the shot.

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About Us

ikan is an award-winning designer, manufacturer, and distributor geared to provide total solutions for video professionals. We are a constantly evolving and ever-flexible company that prides itself on its value-conscious products. At ikan, we work closely with our dealers and end users to ensure creation of quality products that enhance film and video productions. Our entire product line, from HDMI & HD/SDI camera monitors to our ELEMENTS™ camera support solutions, LED and fluorescent lighting, our new and improved teleprompter line, productivity software, apparel and set/shooting accessories are all designed with feature-set and price in mind from their inception.

Whether you are in the backyard or in the studio, you can rely on ikan to be by your side. Our unwavering customer support, global reach, knowledge and product variety allow us to keep you in touch with the rapidly growing video technology industry. We believe in providing the globe with an affordable and reliable solution. With each new product, ikan strives to deliver the features you need at the prices you want.

For more information, give us a call or walk into our corporate headquarters based in Houston, TX. You can also visit our official website ( for more product information.

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  1. IKAN…Tell me… how do I change the battery quickly?

    I think the answer is IKAN’T

  2. Cfreak, When using a rig, it is a good idea to attach a quick release plate. 1. Quick set up and clean up. 2. Access to memory card/ battery slots. 3. i can swap it to a jib or other support on the fly. I have The super-fly. and i use it with the manfrotto 577 around 50 bucks at [email protected]:// It really makes life simple.

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