The Daily Freebie Project – Free Orchestral Scores

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Daily Freebie Project

On my own website, Neumann Films, we are launching the Daily Freebie project. A new, completely free track or sound element for each day in the month of July.

All tracks in the Daily Freebie project are 100% Royalty Free and ready to use in any commercial/non commercial work as long as credit is given as follows (Luke Neumann – “Track Name Here”).

The first track is titled “Edge of Reason” and it is going to be featured on our upcoming album “The Teaser Toolbag”. In the meantime enjoy this track and add it to your soon to be large collection of Royalty Free music. This is the “light” version of the track, the full version breaks out into a more epic climax with heavy drums coming in about half way through. To receive updates on when a song is released make sure to like us on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Today's selection

Daily Freebie #1 – Edge of Reason by Luke Daniel Neumann


If you're interested in this, please go here to download Edge of Reason

(cover photo credit: snap )


  1. Hello, i stumbled upon your track, Edge of reason.
    But i can’t seem to download OR buy it anywhere, can i get it somehow? 🙂

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