Stunning Timelapse Video from Wimbledon 2012 – HDSLR and Red

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You may not be aware of it, but you're seeing more and more timelapse in TV, commercials, and movies and everywhere else – and this one is a superb example of using timelapse to tell a story – it was shot at Wimbledon 2012 and isn't just a pretty scenic timelapse. It does an excellent job of describing what it is like being at the tennis tournament if you ask me.

And do stick around after “the end” as there are a couple of funny drunk guys trying to get up a muddy hill.

UPDATE: the video was taken down – seems they maybe didn't have the right permissions?

Great things came from the Wimbledon feature but for now she has to come down. Sorry guys! Third times the charm!

A big hug for everyone that caught it and shared it. We had a blast shooting it and editing away while on the road. It was a huge success!!

The Championships at Wimbledon

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For each day of their coverage of The Championships, ESPN commissioned a timelapse video from production company The Seventh Movement. This video showcases the entirety of their work in London. Thom McCallum walks us through how they got it done:

Instead of the birds eye view of a tennis match that you're used to seeing on TV, we set out to shoot Wimbledon from an entirely different perspective . We had the new Stage One motion control system from Dynamic Perception and the Omni Tracker 360 degree time-lapse system rocking and rollin. We shot over 250 time-lapse sequences, 100,000 frames in 10 days on Canon 5D3, 5D2, 7D, and the RED Scarlet. We shot Wimbledon at its quietest during the day when there was no one on the grounds. We were firing as fans raced up Murray Mound to get a seat to watch the Finals. And after everyone left and the sun set, we set out to capture the venue at night. The weather was unpredictable and often times it turned out to be a disaster; set up a shot and it starts pouring. As soon as we put all 4 cameras away, the rain would stop and we had to set right back up again.

Also, there are some really funny drunk dudes at the end.

via Ten Days Of Stunning Timelapse Videos At Wimbledon.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. OMG.
    absolutely astounding, has to be in my top 3 favourite timelapses of all time. simply stunning execution.
    well done fella!

  2. Wow, very cool time lapse. Looks like a lot of work. Really like the moving sequences. A dynamic system really adds to it. I just built my own and have been playing around with it.

  3. You guys did a great overall job of capturing the city during its Wimbledon season. I’m just not a fan of the lensbaby type, out of focus stuff. Seemed out of place to me.

  4. many of the exposures are biased towards dark. I feel that people haven’t mastered HDR time lapse yet.

    tilt shift effects are great for the miniature effect. I would love to use the computer controlled dolly systems but they are still very expensive 🙁

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