planetMitch appears on a new podcast from AnticipateMedia

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If my appearance as the first guest on a podcast means anything (and it has meant great success for the Digital Convergence Podcast as I was the first guest there!), then Paul Antico & Jason Sidelinger will have enourmous glory with their new podcast, “NeedCreative” (modest aren't I?). You can find them on iTunes

NeedCreative Podcast Ep. 2 – The Accessibility/Motivational Complex

In this second episode chock full of discussion regarding music and sound and story, Jason and Paul with special guest PlanetMitch (Mitch Aunger) from Planet talk about:

  • The Incident at Marmont short film co-produced by Mitch – the importance of sound and choosing the music
  • Licensing of music – what are good sources to get great music for your piece?
  • How music motivates Paul (and on-camera talent) to create visuals, often influencing the meaning of the visuals before he edits… or shoots
  • Michael Mann and cinematography and music – how a story can be effectively told with just visuals and sound
  • How the accessibility of gear can actually cause motivation to make something, but how it's not as simple as that
  • “Mood stotries” and why we loved, and didn't love, Tom Lowe's “Timescapes
  • Mitch reveals that something new is coming out from Planet5D on the evening of July 17th… something exciting.
  • Artist Picks of the week
  • Podcast and Blog Picks

Find out more!

Please browse on over to their podcast page to see all of the artist picks and more links from this podcast!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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