planet5D announces the planet5D short film challenge!

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WooHoo! Last night at the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge Festival and Awards presentation we officially launched the planet5D Short Film Challenge for all of you filmmakers and filmmaker wannabes.

planet5D has partnered with Nick Burch and Clint Weldon (Guerrilla Media, LLC) who run the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Challenge to be able to offer this exciting new venue for filmmakers everywhere to show off their films to the world.

We're also excited that LensProToGo is heading up the prize team and is leading the efforts to gather some incredible prizes for top filmmaking teams. Plus, we'll be offering cash prizes as well.

Our initial plans are to do a new film challenge every quarter with varying themes and challenges – but they won't be 48 hour challenges (tho you never know, we might have timed challenges from time to time). The great thing is we'll be able to offer variety and we'll be able to explore many different types of films. The demand is high for places to submit films and the teams working on the 48 hour challenge want to do more than one per year. With the planet5D Short Film Challenge, we'll be able to give people a great chance to get their work seen as well as to add gear to their arsenal

This is going to be incredible – with the team and the infrastructure that Nick and Clint have put together and the audience of planet5D, we're excited to see what you guys submit!

We also plan to do different kinds of challenges thru the year and we're still working on setting up the first challenge – which will begin in August and end by the end of September. Keep your eyes on planet5D for more details.

The Press Release

planet5D Announces Film Competition

18/July/2012, Austin, TX. – Filmmaking website and industry blog, in partnership with Guerrilla Media, LLC, proudly announced the launch of an exciting new contest for filmmakers, The planet5D Short Film Challenge. The contest will accept submissions of short films (less than 30 minutes) from filmmakers around the world and judge them based on criteria such as technical expertise and creativity. Top films will be selected by readers of planet5D via a public online voting round with the winning film to be chosen by a panel of industry expert judges.

“I’m really excited to be doing this” said Mitch Aunger, filmmaker and founder of planet5D. “It’s a great way to engage filmmakers and promote their work. This is really about supporting the creative community.”

The contest will begin accepting submissions during the first two weeks in September, though filmmakers will be able to register as early as August via the planet5D website. The public voting round will take place shortly after, with the winning film selected in the final phase. In addition to cash and prizes, top films will be publicly screened in front of a live audience.

“The most important part of being a filmmaker is getting your work seen” said Aunger. “That’s what’s so unique about this contest – the films will be viewed by thousands of our readers and the best among them will go on to be screened publicly. It’s a great first step towards launching a career.”

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  1. Great! Will there be categories to compete in, or is it simply one winner overall?

  2. Are there subject matter ideas or is it just open to whatever. I feel if it’s so open ended, people will just show what they’ve already done.

    1. Author

      Adam, we haven’t completely decided yet. But I suspect the first one will be open to new as well as existing films. The great part about doing this on a regular (quarterly) basis is we can switch things around and do all sorts of things!

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