LCW Trapezist portable mini-jib

Light Craft Workshop announces new Trapezist Portable Mini-Jib

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Light Craft Workshop (a planet5D sponsor) has announced they now have a new Trapezist Portable Mini-Jib! They just sent us a sample and we're in the process of testing it out and wanted you to see it before we have the mini-review done (get the pun? Mini-jib so mini-review… haha)

Trapezist is a small, lightweight and portable jib created by Light Craft Workshop. It designed for videographers and cinematographers who need to travel around. The extendable and small shape design allows you to easily carry with your full gear and to work smoothly in various areas.

Trapezist Portable Mini-Jib

Trapezist portable Mini Jib

With a portable size of 60cm, this jib can have a full extend of 130cm, providing maximum working diameter of 206cm.

It weight only 1.7kg and can support to 3.5kg. Tested with a Canon 1D MK 4 + 16-35 MKII + 701 Fluid head and can work properly.

One of the best feature of this jib, compared with other brands that is this jib has 4 1/4″ screw thread and a magic arm that allows user to attach different kind of device on it, including external monitor, USB follow focus, audio recorder, etc.

Original selling price at USD $339, and we are now doing a launch for USD $299 (shipping not included). Items are limited in quantity at the moment, so people may get it immediately if they are quick enough, or else they may have to wait for another 3 weeks.

For more details you may jump to: Trapezist Portable Mini-Jib

Use this link to order

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More pix!

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  1. Ok. Shot with it the last 4 days in a studio and also out in the desert at 110 degrees.

    My only issue was getting better screws that sat flush for attaching it to my Sachtler baseplate. That cost $15.

    After that, it was a workhorse. I never took my camera off it, and it performed PERFECTLY. Very simple to operate on your own as well.

    Will put up link to footage shortly.

  2. Do you have a link to your footage? I’m very interested to see it in real world conditions.

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