Help an HDSLR stop motion film win Youtube “Your Film Festival”

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Here's something you can do to help a fellow filmmaker – vote for this awesome Canon EOS 60D film we highlighted last fall! “You don’t get much better than this! Canon EOS 60D shines in this miniature world

The note that Brad Herbert sent me about the contest and his entry:

Great news – the 60d film you posted on our site that I did back in October last year, has made it past 15,000+ entries in the Ridley Scott Film Contest, and is now in the top 50 as a semi-finalist! They will fly me out and screen it at the Venice Film Festival in September if make the top 10 via votes! 1 in 5 chance as it stands right now….

I would be honored if you could reach out to your audience and ask for their daily vote for the next month to help get us there. Would be great to take the 60d's awesomeness to such a great venue!

Stop. Watch. Love.

Element X Creative is thrilled to announce that our short film “Stop. Watch. Love.” has been selected as a semi-finalist in the Your Film Festival, sponsored by YouTube and Ridley Scott. Out of 15,000+ entries from around the world we made it to the top 50. With the help of your vote we hope to win it all!

The top 10 will be flown to Venice to see their films screened at the Venice Film Festival this September. If we take the top prize we will have the opportunity to work with Ridley Scott's studio on a brand new film. So vote early and vote often by clicking the image below (or this link)

Click to vote!

Click to go to youtube to vote for this awesome Canon EOS 60D short!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Just wanted to drop you an line and let you know that most if not all Stop motion animations today are shot on DSLRs. ParaNorman (2012) was shot all on canon 5D mark 2s with nikon lenses.

    I have worked an several stop motion commercials and they were all shot on nikons.

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