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Lewis McGregor sent us the project he and his team have been working on and they're looking for your help on indiegogo called “Grim: A Tale of Death” (their facebook page)

Grim is a no-budget fantasy based web-series being made entirely from DIY aspects that uses the community as crew rather than professional filmmakers.

Grim: A Tale of Death

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More from Lewis McGregor

We're trying to get exposure for our campaign but we'd like to think our story is a little different from others in the over populated world of crowdfunding.

Myself and a few others have been working a on thriller/drama series entitled Grim: A Tale of Death for the past two years, before and through film school it blossomed from a 10 minute short film into a 20 episode web series. We’ve already picked up a festival appearance for The Marseille Webfest (the only web series in Europe) without having started production properly. In a very small nutshell it follows a group of Grim Reapers. The Grim Reaper, Angel of Death, Father Time, Shinigami are widely known across many cultures and religions as the personification of death and guides the souls of those who have recently died to the afterlife… or the underworld. Our story focuses on what happens in-between these guided trips. The stories these beings encounter in the in-between realm. We want to tell a unique and original story, not compiled full of fast edits, CGI and blaring gun fights, just a comprehensive and fulfilling story about these lost characters.

The works of George R. R. Martin and J R. R. Tolkien are my greatest influences and have inspired me to create a fully functional fictional world, filled with a deep history, a political system, law & orders, races and beliefs, demons and forgotten creatures of the night, such as the lingering Snarls and tainted Ajolias. The whole reaper realm is filled with these forgotten creatures, there's murder, there's betrayal, there's torture and most profoundly there's insanity. Throughout our normal lives each day we are faced with troubles and emotions that detach us from the world around us. Imagine that you've been around since the dawn of time, all the wars, the innocence lives taken, the families torn apart, the little children butchered. As the reapers have to harvest the soul they are usually present for the death. Even the immortals can only take so much and now there are signs that they are cracking, the reapers are the beings who dwindle within the darkness but now they fear they are not alone. Death becomes afraid of death.

We've involved as much as the community here in Wales as much as we can in its making so far, the crew isn't your conventional film crew. The local milk man, the guy behind the bar, the girl packing your shopping, the community… These are all the people who have helped make Grim so far. This time two years ago there were only four people on board; three actors and myself, the director. Now there are close to 100 people involved, 95% of those are citizens of Barry and the surrounding areas. What makes our little production unique is that, besides one of the actors, the entire cast and crew are not paid professionals. Just average, working class citizens from Barry; who have an interest in filmmaking, but have never been given an opportunity to do something like this before, mostly because they don’t have expansive show reels and stacks-upon-stacks of qualifications, or quite simply for the reason that time has passed them by and they have had to drop their filmmaking dream somewhere along the way for one reason or another.

We fell short last year filming the series due to a low budget, cheap props falling apart, set crumbling away, DIY equipment breaking. A year has passed and we're still as passionate about the project as ever, but now we need the help of the online communities to help make Grim. We've launched a crowdfunding scheme, if you check our pitch video you can see how passionate we are and how high we strive to deliver a professional end piece despite using DIY equipment.

We want to bring a high quality style of filmmaking to the web and a unique and original story, we have a good online following that seem to be a mix of True Blood, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead fans and now we're looking for that little extra bit of exposure and help from indie filmmakers, can you help us get the word out?

From the indigogo campaign:

This is Grim: A Tale of Death

Game of Thrones, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter. If you love these you'll love grim.

Grim is a tale of love, life and death placed within the contextual world of the Grim Reapers. The Grim Reaper (Angel of Death) is widely known across many cultures and religions as the personification of death and guides the souls of those who have recently died to the afterlife… or the underworld.

Our story focuses on what happens in-between these guided trips. The stories these beings encounter in the in-between realm. We follow the tale of a number of Reapers; Colossal, Andras, Gusion, Bathin, Shax, Nina and Valac, who’s tale becomes entangled with everyone else’s.

Valac is a Grim Reaper who was once human (over 600 years ago) and was promised that he would regain his mortality once his contract with the council of death was fulfilled. The year is 2011 and Valac’s contract is completed but regaining his mortality is not as straight forward as was promised; layered with deceit and coated with betrayal Valac, with the help of his friends, has to find a way to escape the in-between and return to humanity, with the recent return of Colossal, a great warlord of the Reaper realm who was banished many centuries ago because of Valac’s testimonials against him.  Time is running out and the odds are stacked against Valac.

Give them a bit of cash!

Grim: A Tale of Death – The Web Series — Indiegogo.

If you like what you see and want to support some indie guys working from the heart and can help, please do… and if you can't spare cash, please tweet or post to facebook to get the word to others!

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