Gini Rigs opens new online stores – plus 20% off sale!

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We got an email from Ollie at Gini rigs the other day asking us to post this note about their new website and 20% off sale!

I don't have any experience with rigs from these guys – do you? If so post please down in the comments!

From Gini Rigs:

I'm Olly from Gini Rigs and just wanted to let you know about our new Gini stores. We have just opened 2 new stores, one for UK ( and one for US and the rest of the world (

What makes these new stores different is they are ran by UK and US customer service teams. I am a part of the UK team and will be answering emails and taking orders all day everyday. Gini understood their communication to customers was poor, so they have employed these teams to take care of that. We have also improved our delivery service to many countries and in most cases we deliver within 5 days (approx).

We have a massive 20% opening sale on for 2 weeks on both sites so would appreciate it if you could post this as some rigs are going for very very cheap indeed.

Our other sites like, our ebay store and various others will be closing very soon so we can keep all our audience on these 2 sites.

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  1. Great deal on the GH2 cage. But shipping to UK is a total rip-off at £75.

  2. I bought the DSL 17 Rig on ebay a few months back. Neither the seller or myself knew who made it. I paid $300 for it, and here it is selling with a follow focus and a few more accessories in the Puing config for a $100 more. :) But I like the one I got. I am using the IKAN friction follow focus, and bought two more rods that were a bit longer, and the opteka counter weight, and find the whole thing to be very sturdy and solid. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this over redrock, ikan, zacuto and a few others that are a heck of a lot more expensive.

  3. They are notorious to price-gouging on shipping charges, and they haven’t done anything about it after years of complaints. They also refuse to give customers the option for slower shipping methods that would save considerably on the current mandatory semi-express shipping charges.

    Their gear is decent but they’re stubbornly refusing to understand that no one will buy their stuff with shipping the neighborhood of $100.

  4. Thanks for posting this.

    We appreciate people get upset about the shipping costs and now that we have this new management I am trying my best to get it sorted.

    We understand customers do not like to pay £75 shipping but as the products are ships from Korea, this is really what it costs. We have choosen this delivery method because its the only tracked service that delivers all round at the weight that we send. The problem is we hate to charge that much but that’s what it costs. I believe we are the cheapest rig company out there, so maybe people would be happier to pay £225 for GH2 cage with free delivery rather than £150 + £75 shipping? I know people are annoyed about paying the shipping but if it was included in the price and our prices rose, do you think people would complain about the price?

  5. @Olly: It’s really simple: Be transparent in your pricing (e.g., don’t pad your prices upward to cover for excessive shipping charges), and also, give your customers options. Choosing only one expedited worldwide shipping method is convenient for you, but totally bad for business. Give your customers choices, like a slower shipping method that costs them somewhere closer to Earth orbit, and you’ll get a lot more business.

  6. Even so, this is a bargain price considering what you get, compared to Zacuto or Jag35. The potential savings is dramatic. I’ve hunted for ages looking for this kind of rig for this price point. Now that I have one, it’s solid, and feels equal to any of the ‘pro’ price rigs I’ve looked into. I ended up buying some longer 15mm rods for (from baseplate to shoulder) so that I could put a counterweight on it.

  7. @Paul thanks for your comment. However shipping from Korea, at the weight that rigs weigh, is not as simple as sending a postcard. There is not 10 choices you can choose from, there is very very limited services that offer what we need. I completely appreciate that the more choices people have the better and I am trying to find solutions to be able to offer this but believe me its not just as simple as saying just delay the delivery and the cost will come down.

    What i would like to know is do you, anyone reading this, think that it would be more beneficial to keep the postage included and higher the price? I am suggesting that maybe this is a psychological thing and that people would happily pay $499 for the whole price incl delivery but not $399+$100 shipping? What do you think?

    @Joel glad to hear your enjoying your rig

    1. It would not make sense from a business perspective to include shipping into the price – because suppose someone wanted a refund? You’d be eating the shipping cost on a return. But from a customer point of view, that would be a bargain. :)

  8. I’d suggest slimming down on packaging. Send all products as compactly packed as possible. I remember my rig came in a huge box full of bubble wrap. It’s all metal, no need for all the padding!
    The smaller the packaging, the lower the price. easy!

    And by the way, don’t hide the cost of shipping in the cost of the product. Very bad practice!

  9. @Peter. I am not saying we do this I was suggesting that maybe people would prefer this? I see that this is something you would be against. We have been doing this as much as we can but obviously we need a lot of protection when sending things abroad and metal still scratches. Thanks for your input

  10. I think the takeaway from this direct interaction with the company, in the end, is that they won’t be changing a thing about their shipping policies: no customer choice on longer shipping times for a lower cost, no customer choice on extent of tracking for a lower cost, same oversized (thus more expensive) packaging, no competition with other companies that ship from Korea for far less.

    That’s all completely within the rights of a private company, of course, who will either succeed or fail based upon pleasing customers. Just so we’re understood.

  11. @Paul. I dont think this interaction is going anywhere useful. It would not be beneficial for anyone (us or you) to overprice on shipping. It puts customers off and people dont want to pay it. So there would be no reason for us to do this? Think about it.

    Some people may be disgusted by the shipping costs while others will understand that this is what it costs and because we already offer the lowest priced rigs (for the quality) we cannot afford to take it out of our current listed prices. Even with the shipping not many companies come close to our prices and many people know this.

    If you ever head to Korea Paul, have a look at the shipping prices for the weight we send and I think you maybe surprised.

    1. Hello Olly,

      I bought a extreme 17 rig from gini UK today.

      Postage costs should never be bundled with the cost of the product. Yes, £75 shipping is steep but for worldwide 4 day shipping it is acceptable.

      Now you have UK and USA eCommerce “bases” now it would be worth while looking at bulk shipping the parts to a USA /UK dropshipper.

      Factor out the delivery differences and effectively your shipping price will be 80% cheaper – because the bulk of you product is going to the UK/USA – it makes sense for the customers to et the discount of bulk shipping.


      1. Exactly. Props for thinking outside the box (or anyway, illuminating normal business practice).

  12. Honestly, I think it is just best to look at the price of the product and the price of the shipping together. $500 US is insanely cheap for the quality, versatility and speed of delivery. There are many great companies but to get something like the Gini Rig extreme 17 (with a FREE follow focus) for $500 is actually ridiculous as far as I´m concerned, ridiculously great I mean. I have been using a basic rig I got from Gini a couple of years ago, and it is as good as new, and I only payed $150 + $70 shipping. I have just upgraded to the EX 17 and expect this unit to last me many years to come, with many camera upgrades.

    I´m sure there is a solution to get the shipping cheaper, as Swwils mentions. But even as the prices sit you are getting an insane deal.

    1. Well, I’ll still always resist, though, the fiction that these tinker toy sets are bargains. Looking at capitalism straight in the eye — albeit blindly, believing in it as society’s only fair market — we cannot deny that pricing here is a simple matter of supply and demand. The manufacturers of these tinker toy sets will charge the maximum amount that they can, which is their right. And that maximum amount continuously declines as more and more people buy these things. (No pity for Zacuto here.)

      But ultimately: it’s just a bunch of rods and connectors. Let’s never forget that.

  13. These ‘tinker toy’ sets are outrageously expensive from Zacuto, Redrock, and Jag35 and others. But try shooting a wedding video or other videography involving run-n-gun work without a decent stabilizing shoulder rig and you end up trying to convince a client that it really isn’t Blair Witch project the sequel. So yeah, I find it extremely useful, and since Gini is offering a bargain in comparison to the other ‘tinker toy’ outfits, I’m going to defend them as any loyal customer would of any maker of a quality product. I don’t know about others, but when I order online, I get to see what the shipping charges are going to be before I hit the final submit button. Accusing a vendor of being underhanded and price gouging is uncalled for unless there is a history of actual bad service. I.e. charging a lot to ship and then never delivering – yes that I can see warranting heated complaints. But if it’s a matter of whining and denigrating simply over the cost of shipping? That’s just plain mean. Here is a pic of my rig:

  14. They aren´t tinker toys, they are actually extremely functional. The follow focus indispensable for me, and I would´t be able to use any kind of FF without a rail system. I also have all my sound equipment attached in a very convenient and functional way. It is just a bonus that my shots are much much steadier than pure handheld.

    Also, another bonus, is that often work with another cinematographer. and the EX17 (with a few extra parts) is large enough to build two fully functional rigs from.

    I only ever buy something if I believe is will be functional and add something constructive to my work. And Gini Rigs do that for me.

    1. Exactly. I find that I can take my rig down to as little as a ‘mini-rig’ configuration for less obtrusive work, to a full blown config where I have a monitor (and now with my longer 15mm rods on the shoulder pad end of things) a nice counterweight. I think I’ve experimented with five different ways to put this together. One mans’ Tinker Toy is another man’s professional tool with a versatile range of utility.

  15. The glom of defense in this discussion is suspicious, if not beside the point. Speaking for myself, I’ve advocating a dose of perspective in this industy of minor innovation, when you compare with the device that these tinker toys serve. My example is, the Sony NEX-FS100 I use never fails to amaze me as an engineering marvel, comparing to what existed even a year ago, and the kind of bold innovation it represents on such a large scale.

    Compare that to a bunch of rods and connectors, for which offshore businesses (and Chicago-based Zacuto alike) command exhorbitant prices that sometimes hedge close to the cost of the actual brilliant gear that the tinker toys ironically ride upon.

    Charge me $100 to get it shipped on top of that, and I’m especially amused.

  16. Why is it suspicious? This whole conversation has turned toward the fact that this sort of gear is usually way over priced. However Gini is actually the one offering an alternative at a very good quality (of course not up there with Zacuto). I am merely backing a product that has helped me a lot, like any loyal customer. Sure these are mostly (minus the FF) just a bunch rods and connectors. But these rod and connectors do impact my work positively and until someone else offers something at this quality for an even better price I´ll be sticking with them.

    For something similar to the EX17 rig I have from Gini I´d have to pay up to 3k more (no exaggeration) for something like this from a renowned company like Zacuto. But now I have a good support system, an FF and can afford to buy a whole new camera (hopefully the black magic)

    Like I said, I´m just back a product I think is great (at least in comparison to others) value.

  17. Ok, well after a few days its clear to say that the whole “gini rigs” sphere is the most totally confusing experience ever.

    As far as I am aware gini are selling through several resellers all of which have no kind of restriction or quality control.

    I purchased a rig from and it was delayed because I paid via credit card. (Through paypal) – this is nonsense, paypal is the only payment gateway they provide. – It was delayed because I paid for it. Using the only way they support.

    The money was taken from my account on Aug 31st and after 3 days the “payment” went through on their site. – Something is off about this.

    Second issue is that they are selling even though they are out of stock or have no stock at all. – I was told that everything is “made to order” – that is not the case; you are a reseller with a stock level. Other resellers such as have stock and could ship right away.

    Because of they have now gotten behind due to the sale I received an un-spellchecked email half explaining what was going on. Advising of a free “upgrade” to a heaver counter weight (which they are shipping with all new orders anyway)

    I have come to the conclusion that somewhere in is either dishonesty or not knowing your arse from your elbow; even though communication was very good via site chat. Communicating with poor information is just as bad as none at all. (The site chat has now disappeared)

    I am trying to get a refund from and going to order from – who have stuff in stock, ready to go and will reply to emails from iphone.

    If anyone from either site wants to comment on WTF is going on; then please mail me and hire a eCommerce consultant.

  18. Bad news, listed on Ebay as shipping from USA but getting ended up lost in customs from Korea… ?? we have yet to get an answer from the Ebay seller (one of the 3 or 4 Gini names on Ebay)

  19. Follow focus arrived BROKEN

    I bought a follow focus recently. it arrived with a bad fluid leak out of the gear box – sticky gear fluid. everywhere.

    Gini Rigs response is … “we make no guarantees”. – so I’m stuck with a unusable hunk of alluminum.

    buyer beware

  20. Got an Advanced Extreme 17 few days ago and couldn’t be more pleased. Seems like only one site is active now, the USA site – – which is where I got mine, and its a beast, much better quality that i thought. Forgot to buy a bloody lens gear tho

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