daily planet5D #25 – new gear from Atomos and Tenba bags

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We've gotten a couple of new items to test out this week and I thought i'd give you a quick overview of what came in! First up is the Atomos Ninja-2 – tho I honestly don't tell you much about it in this episode because I haven't taken it out of the box yet to test it!

Second is a couple of new bags from the folks at Tenba.com – the Roadie II HDSLR/Video backpack and shoulder bags. At first blush, they look darn cool

The shirt by the way is from Della Luce = dellalucestyle.com oh and the Booq backpack review was here: blog.planet5d.com/bq

daily planet5D #25 – new gear from Atomos and Tenba bags

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Tenba bags

the Tenba Roadie II: HDSLR/Video Backpack (rolling version on B&H)

the tenba Roadie II: HDSLR/Video Shoulder Bag

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  1. (With the backpack opening on the side that face your back … this is not new; other vendors have done this before.)
    The reason for this has nothing to do with theft. When you take a backpack off and place it on the ground with the camera access facing upward … you don’t get dirt and mud on that which will contact your body.

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