daily planet5D #23 – SmallHD announces their HDMI port protector

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Our friends at SmallHD have released their new Canon EOS 5D Mark II HDMI port protector and we've been trying one out since NAB… watch the videos for more!

  • Prevents $1000 (or more) repair fees to fix camera's HDMI port
  • Avoids wrecking your footage …(the 5D Mark II stops recording in the middle of a shot when it loses HDMI sync)
  • Does not add significant weight (only ~1 oz.)
  • Only $49 (Compare at $99 without cables)
  • Comes with Free 1.5 foot HDMI Cable

Using only one screw, the patent pending design of the Port Protector enables a secure attachment to the body of the Canon 5D Mark II without interfering with the tripod or hot shoe mount points and requires no additional hardware for installation.

  • Fast Installation
  • No Tools Required
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight (~1 oz.)
  • Designed to match the external appearance of the Canon Mark II
  • Leaves 5D Mark II branding intact

daily planet5D #23

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SmallHD Canon 5D Mark II Mini-HDMI Port Protector

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SmallHD Demo Video

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  1. Do you know if they’re intending on bringing out a 7D version? Looks like a great product :D Snapped way to many HDMI cables because of not being able secure it properly.

  2. This is Dave with SmallHD Support, I enjoyed the video! Well Done!. I just wanted to mention we do ship one of our HDMI cables with each port protector, that is sold and it is a perfect fit. We do recommend using our HDMI cables for the best experience. We sell many shapes and sizes for $9 dollars a piece.
    Again thanks for the neat video.
    Dave B
    SmallHD Support

  3. Hey Again,
    We do plan on making some more port protector’s for other camera’s. We are deciding which ones to tackle first and hope to have a better idea of what and when within the next month or so.
    Thanks again
    Dave B
    SmallHD Support

    p.s – feel free to send questions to support@smallhd.com

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