daily planet5D #16 Izzy Wizzy was a Bear

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If you're looking for Final Cut Pro X training – have a look at the training from IzzyVideo – Izzy set us the latest download of his basic and advanced classes and it was so good, my 14 year old daughter is now using FCPX to edit some of my planet5D videos!

Have a watch as I give you some info on what Izzy's training is like and maybe you'll buy it too.

Izzy Wizzy was a Bear

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Don't forget! You can get this as an audio only file: daily planet5D audio #16


Izzy FCPX training

Advanced Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Disclaimer: Izzy did provide the training to planet5D at no cost for evaluation. planet5D does not have any other financial relationship with IzzyVideo

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  1. Izzy Wizzy was a bear
    Izzy Wizzy had no hair
    Izzy Wizzy wasn’t fuzzy
    Was he?

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