daily planet5D #15 Win a LockCircle

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Quick episode to tell you how you can win a lockcircle from planet5D… post comments on this blog post to be eligible to win.

Note… the next 3 episodes of daily planet5D were recorded at the same time, and I don't really yet know why the video was recorded a bit jumpy… it looked fine on the screen while I was recording so I haven't yet tracked down the issue. Sorry – tho it is all part of learning how to do all this stuff better!

Win a LockCircle

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(cover photo credit: snap from the podcast)

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  1. Ellsworth

    These are very cool for when I’m transporting my bodies. Would love one. :)

  2. LJ Lee

    I want to win the LockCircle! Especially since it’s the Planet 5D Version! Keep up the great works! :)

  3. Derrik

    Great website Mitch! I visit everyday for the latest on Canon DSLR news. Keep the new coming. Love the give-aways.
    I would really love to have a LockCircle for my 7D.

  4. David

    Brilliant idea! Mitch i am glad you covered this. Please send one my way!

  5. P337

    Gosh Mitch this is really lame, but I want to win a lock circle. Keep it up, love the way you’re doing the Planet5D videos too! :-D

  6. Zack

    hypothetically, I might entertain proposals for my firstborn in exchange for a Planet5D Lock Circle.

  7. Charles Conner

    I would so love to place a Planet5D Lock Circle on my Canon to protect it when I am out and about trekking to shoot photos and videos in the Land of the Mid-Night sun.

  8. Dan Coplan

    Ive been having huge problems with a Lock Square I was conned into buying. The Lock Circle is surely the solution to my problems!

  9. Shai

    I want to win a lock circle!

    Thanks for a great blog and podcast. You really provide us with a wealth of great information.

  10. Angel Luis Rodriguez


  11. Phil

    Please make me win a LockCircle, I’d look so cool then I wouldn’t even need to take pictures anymore :-)

  12. Ken

    I would really like to win a LockCircle for my 5D Mk iii, so that I don’t have to worry about the cap falling off in my bag. The LockCircle is a great product , precision made and as solid as a rock. I bought one for my 1D Mark IV and would love to get one for all my other cameras but it would set me back a bit too much for the moment.. Thanks, and good luck to all! Ken S.

  13. Eric

    First try to win something in english. Here we do speak french. Ilove the daily podcast either as I love you presentation. Your funny and not shy at all. I tty the digital poadcast with carl olsen and Chris Fenwick . You one of a kind. Ho I need to win the lock circle so I very happy that you choice me, planet Mitch hourra!

  14. Johnny

    I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle… I want to win a LockCircle…

  15. David

    I like one please. I’m from Spain and there is all in crisis. Earn one we would do a little happy.


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