daily planet5D #11 – LenSkirt – kill those nasty window reflections!

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I was looking back at some videos I did, and posted to youtube, but never shared with the planet5D readers… so I'm going to ‘re-purpose' this one as daily planet5D #11 (out of order). This is a quick post about the LenSkirt – which is a great tool for shooting thru a window and preventing reflections from what is going on behind the camera. I don't know how I ever lived without this before!

I shot this about 6 months ago with the iPhone – and my daughter planetVictoria edited it for me.

The color is horrible – I know… it was a quick iPhone vid and it served a purpose as a test and I learned from it. Oh, and I used the Fostex AR-4i to improve the audio on the iPhone (tho it didn't help the color!)

daily planet5D #11 – LenSkirt

[tentblogger-youtube PHniTBaOJuI]

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(cover photo credit: snap from the lenskirt home page)


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