daily planet5D #10 not easy being green!

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In episode 10 we address the fact that many of our daily planet5D videos have a green color cast to them – and a possible reason. We also cover a bit about flagging lights

daily planet5D #10 not easy being green!

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What's on this episode?

Just a long discussion about the color green

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  1. Weird lighting situations (ahem, green….)? I use an Expodisc with my 5D MKII and MKIII. Works like a charm.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The reason you’re green is obvious, you’re from another Planet. Ha..ha..ha.ha…, okay enough. Anyway, the greatest website on the planet and you use a webcam for the DP5D show, why? Put your 5D MarkII on a tripod, use Astro, to frame up and focus upon. Set a WB. Run your audio directly into the 5DM2, it’ll work fine. Hit record, and rock n roll! Piece of cake and it’s going to look 100 times better than that webcam.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the input Steve! Yes, I can set up the 5D3 and run a mic on it and do the show… but there are several reasons (that I’ve stated on maybe the earlier shows) that I was wanting to do it with the webcam. First, doing it this way is quick – I can run the intro, say what I want to say, run the outtro, and upload. Simple. No editing involved!

      Second, doing it this way also allows me to show desktop stuff – websites, videos, etc.. again, with no editing. Record and upload!

      When I started this, one of my goals was to make it easy enough to do that i’d actually be able to do one just about every day. If it is too hard, it slows down the process and I won’t share as much.

      Right now for example, I’m recording shows on the Canon Rebel T4i, the Cinetics Cinesquid, and others with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and a bunch of editing… each episode will take at least 2+ hours to put together. By using the webcam, I can prep, record, and upload a show in less than 1/2 hour!

      So the question is… does the image quality matter or is it the message that is more important?

  3. Try holding a piece of gel CTB and 1/2 CTB over the web-cam lens. It looks like you’ve got green walls and compact fluorescent lights in the room which aren’t going to help the green tint.

    Rather than modify the entire room, just gel it out in the camera. Certainly not the best way to do it, but it’ll probably fix it.

    Also check the webcam for a tint adjustment and manual white balance of course

  4. The answer is both. One without the other subtracts from the final product. What type of file does that webcam record h.264? I would slap a 24mm on your 5DM2, mic it direct into camera, and record. Don’t edit it, just leave it as is. Compress that file for the web….done!

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