Dave Dugdale sent this in a couple of weeks ago (and yes, I’m way behind)… you may be very interested in seeing Dave’s comparison… does the Canon Rebel T2i/550D match up to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III? What do you think?

Canon 5D Mark III vs T2i/550D Comparison

From Dave’s post

Before I start shooting with the Canon 5D mark III a lot I wanted to see how it relates to my 2 year old Canon T2i/550D. Several people have been asking me questions if this is something worth the upgrade. Is it really worth $3,000 more?This comparison only has to do with video, I’m really not talking about stills all that much here.Flash1080p MP4720p MP4480p FLV360p FLV360p MP4240p FLVFlash

via Canon 5D Mark III vs T2i/550D Comparison.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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