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The folks over at United By Photography have pointed out something rather cool that I've not seen before – manuals you can see on the LCD of the camera in question – produced by Canon themselves for the Canon EOS-1D X. How come I didn't see this before… good idea!

from United:

Canon have produced a handy set of video and pdf tutorials for you to download and keep as reference. These easy to follow guides explain with step by step instructions on how to operate the Canon 1DX DSLRcamera and better understand the menus and features on it.

The Time Code Custom Operation for DSLR video users and video compression methods options, allows the user to set readable time code for video editing programs and allow how video is stored andis compressed according to the needs of the user.

This is in addition to spot metering, finder display, subject recognition and multiple exposure shooting ideal for HDR photography or combining multiple exposed images to create a composite.

Others include:

  • Audio Options
  • AI Servo
  • In-Camera Adjustments
  • Drive Modes
  • Manual Selection of AF Points
  • AF Configuration Tool
  • AF Area Selection


Click Here to download the On-Camera Tutorials for playback on the camera’s LCD screen.

How it works

What they've done is pretty simple but clever – they've created movies with the tutorial on the specific function. You copy the movie over to a memory card and put that into your camera, then you can play it on the LCD on your camera!

here's a screen shot of one:

Screen shot of one of the Canon EOS-1D X on screen tutorials

via Canon 1D X DSLR Camera Tutorials | United By Photography.

(cover photo credit: snap from the site)


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