48hr Guerrilla Film Festival & Awards 2012 LIVE on UStream!

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I'm sure you remember that I was asked to be a judge for the 28 hour Guerrilla Film Festival right? They've decided to attempt (and I say attempt because they've never tried this before so there's no guarantee it is going to work perfectly – grin) to broadcast the awards ceremony that is happening tonight at 7pm Central USA time – live via UStream!

The time in GMT will be midnight 24:00 on July 17th

And, you can watch it here on planet5D!

The Guerrilla Film Festival & Awards 2012 UStream channel

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planetMitch Live at the Awards

Yes, it is true, I'll be there as well and there's going to be a special announcement at the end!

You will be able to watch all 20 of the films selected from the over 120 films submitted (and qualified) and at the end, there will be the awards ceremony where you will see who we selected as the winners!

Heck, even I don't know who the winners are yet, and I'm excited to find out! Join us online!

(cover photo credit: snap from the 48hour guys)


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