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Joyce Tsang from the @stillmotion team sent us this announcement of their new “Know” training tour happening this fall. I'm thrilled that they're coming to St. Louis and I'm also possibly going to be going to the first session in Las Vegas!

KNOW / finding your voice

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no matter what it is we do it is so important for us to be connected to our work and our interests. as artists we are often seen as people who have the freedom to do what they love, to be able to express themselves through their art and be happy doing it. unfortunately it's not always as simple as that sounds. we often struggle with being less than inspired by our work and i think so much of that simply comes from not knowing your voice. what i mean is that it's not the lack of opportunity or the lack of story that leaves us wanting more, but rather the lack of understanding in who you are as a creative, what it is you want to create and how to create it that keeps us from doing our best work.

think back to the time when you first decided you wanted to be a photographer or a filmmaker. what did it feel like to be so excited to pursue that passion that you loved so much? it was pretty neat wasn't it? now fast forward to where you are now and think about how you've grown as an artist and what challenges stand in your way. whether those are technical challenges, financial challenges or personal challenges it can all pretty much be linked back to the core of who you are as a creative.

in filmmaking, storytelling is paramount. in telling a powerful story, one that leaves the viewer with that lingering punch, you not only need to be connected to it but also make every decision fit the message, impact, and voice you are trying to share. the challenge then comes back to how to accomplish that if you don't know who you are and what it is you are trying to say. to us, storytelling is as much about the storyteller as it is the characters. over the years stillmotion has evolved in the way we approach each story we tell and through that journey of discovery, reflection and expression we found our voice. from there we are now able to have so much more meaning in what we do and through that it's also opened up huge opportunities for our team to grow and explore new avenues. if that interests you and you'd like to embark on a journey to find your own voice, we would love to share what we know with you.

KNOW is stillmotion's 36-city educational filmmaking tour based around the idea of knowing your craft and knowing your voice. through the exploration of what makes a good story we hope to empower those that come to this one-day seminar with the tools to be more powerful, more effective storytellers. to find out more about KNOW or to sign up for a spot in a city near you head on over to www.knowbystillmotion.com and check out what all the buzz is about.


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