New Product from edelkrone: FOCUS ONE PRO

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New Product from edelkrone: FOCUS ONE PRO

edelkrone, – June 27, 2012 – edelkrone is going to announce FOCUS ONE PRO on the first week of July 2012. This new follow focus unit has reverse gear and a whip/crank port as well as still contains innovative and awarded marker system.

FOCUS ONE PRO still follows the standards and directly compatible with standard 0.8 pitch. The reverse gear on the unit can easily be put on use to work with Nikon lenses (and other lenses with reversed focus direction). The unit only occupies one rod and it can be repositioned easily using the single adjustment knob. The focus marker which faces directly to the operator makes you feel more in control and with the help of the manual position adjustment, you can focus without the need for a marker pen.

FOCUS ONE PRO is going to be the most affordable follow focus unit in the market if we consider its features and awarded ultra-precise marker system. With its amazing build quality, Focus ONE PRO is the best candidate for your independent and professional film projects. Expected price is $289


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