“Incident on Marmont Avenue” Production Diary #4 – big name actors

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Not long after Barry Andersson and I decided to shoot “Incident on Marmont Avenue” with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, I thought it would be great to keep a ‘production diary’ and my plan is to share it with you – but not all at once as that would be a book (I’ve written over 13,000 words in my draft!). The production itself has been an incredible learning experience and I know many of you will be interested to follow along.

Sorry about the gap between posts… there's so much to do in a day!

Thursday March 15th

11 days until shoot

Lots of discussion about financing today

Late in the day Barry called to let me know that the casting agent had begun talking to several actors. At first, I'm surprised to learn some of the names of actors in discussion. I told you I was learning all sorts of things. I didn't know big name actors would appear in independent films.

I’m not at liberty to discuss how much we would pay these actors – tho it makes sense, those in the industry would rather not have those numbers floating around in print.

It is still a long shot tho in my mind. And of course this means there is going to be even more pressure to get some additional financing! Barry and I can’t afford this on our own.

The good thing tho is that we can still keep the production budget (the so called “below the line” budget) down and we’re getting a lot of support from production folks who are very excited about the project.

Spent part of the day worrying about when the Canon EOS 5D Mark III was going to come in… rumors are still showing it will be out on March 22nd or so… but I’ve also heard that there’s a chance that Canon will be shipping to the local brick and mortar stores before the big online shops.

I’m still hoping my buddy at Schiller’s was able to convince the Canon rep to send a 5D3 early. Turns out the answer is no… but hopefully they’ll ship from Chicago on Friday and then would be in St. Louis on Monday.

My goal was to be the first in the world to do an unboxing. I’m still afraid there will be someone else doing an unboxing and I’ll be late to the party. I know unboxings aren’t all the rage, but very few people are doing them live and there’s a lot of excitement over the 5D3, so I think it will still attract attention.

Coming next:

Incident on Marmont Avenue” – Production Diary #5 – big name actors!

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