I’m Fine, Thanks – a kickstarter project

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If you'll take a few minutes to watch the preview below, I'll bet you'll be interested in supporting this project – they're getting close! It resonates with me because I've been able to move from a 9-5 job to running planet5D and having a blast… the trailer keys in on complacency in your life and documents people breaking out… very cool stuff!

from patrick moreau:

the film has a great backstory that involves the crew with little experience deciding to take a leap and make a film in two months on the road and then do post on a feature in the following two months. the film explores complacency and why so few chase their dreams. i know you are somebody who left an office job to pursue planet5D so i think the subject matter is definitely something you would connect with

I'm Fine, Thanks

from Grant Peele:

I love your enthusiasm for cinema and gear. I have been a reader/viewer of Planet5D for some time now and enjoy receiving your daily e-mails.

We are a passionate team of rookie filmmakers who would love to contribute to your community. A strong storyline within our doc includes the challenges our rag-tag team experienced when creating our first feature.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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