It has been reported (@cinema5d and others) that the new Canon Rebel T4i / 650D (which is now available in many stores) exhibits clean HDMI out! However, the folks at Hireacamera have done more research and report that it isn’t as good as originally hoped.

I had previously written to my Canon contacts to ask them about this issue but I haven’t gotten any reply yet.

From HireaCamera

We got our hands on the new Canon EOS 650D yesterday and I was keen to see two things – what was the autofocus like and what feed was coming out of the HDMI.  Now I only had twenty minutes before catching a train and battery was just about empty as straight out of the box so it was a quick look.

The autofocus I’ll talk about another day as I’m going to do a comparison against some other cameras.  What I do want to address is the HDMI feed as it seems that things are going round the inter web saying it’s completely clean.  

First thing I did was put a monitor on it and I could see it was at least outputting a 1080 signal.  It looked something like below –

Canon Rebel T4i screen

the Canon Rebel T4i screen

Okay so nothing very exciting but pressing the info button gave me this –

Canon Rebel T4i screen with no control data! But wait... it is only 95% and doesn't stay

So… you want more info? Please read the results over on

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(cover photo credit: snap from the hireacamera page)