Digital Convergence Episode 77 – The Mac Pro Is Back, Baby!

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This week on the Digital Convergence Podcast, Chris Fenwick, planetMitch, and Carl Olson wrestle with disbelief the latest rumors of a Mac Pro refresh, and wonder does it even matter any more. We talk about desktop and notebook computers for post-production work, voice over talent, new “convergence” filmmakers in the news, the latest upcoming Atlanta Cutters group meeting, flying cats, freelancing and running your own production / post-production business, and the great user feedback we've been receiving about the show. In episode 77, we range far and wide over a number of topics. Focus – it's not happening in this episode.

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  1. I believe Mac Pros are still very important.
    For an average consumer/amateur, a Mac Book Pro will suffice and can handle the work-load very well. Walk in to a full production studio and it’s a whole different ball game. Anyone working in Broadcast, Post-Production or Creative Marketing will tell you that a Laptop won’t cut it. Desktop computers still rule in many worlds which is why so many people have been patient waiting for Apple to release an update to their beloved MacPro. I’m glad to hear about these rumors and hope that they are not just that.

    1. @Ells
      I’m starting to feel more and more that laptops are just as capable to run a studio (maybe its different if you are doing HD video projects) as a desktop.

      I have a friend who is making an album for a major label and did the entire thing from their home on a laptop. They would send out the audio to be mastered and mixed in some instances, but as far as i know 90% was done in their living room.

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