Beautiful and Comfortable – new video dressware from Della Luce

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A few weeks ago, a very intriguing box was delivered to my house and after opening it, I was even more intrigued. It was from my new good friends Matt and Kendal from Della Luce.

Inside the box were two very classy t-shirts with logos based on video cameras. It was the announcement of their new clothing line aimed at video professionals. I can tell you that I really like these shirts!

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Della Luce Style

From the site:

Della Luce means “of the light.” It speaks to the process of crafting images and working with light.

Della Luce apparel is all about passion, the passion to create. Our desire is for creative professionals to express the passion they have for what they do.

Della Luce
Your Life. Your Style.

My reaction

The Della Luce folks sent me two shirts and I love them both. They're big and soft. I love soft! I'm a wimpy guy – I hate clothes that are stiff or itchy – I don't know what the heck I'd do if I had to live in wool all the time!

There may be some who like the feel of a heavier shirt or one that is more stiff, but I can tell you I love the weight and the softness of these shirts.

There is one thing I don't like about the shirts and I've already told Matt about it… the tags. Matt told me they're trying to get tag-less shirts in the future.

It didn't take me long to cut off the tags so there wasn't that much discomfort, but I'm glad I did. And I thank Kendal and Matt for sending me these samples. You'll enjoy them too and you'll look more like a video pro wearing one.

Get 25% off!

when ordering at the site, if you use the code “planet5D” (case doesn't matter), you will get 25% off just for reading planet5D! See, all that time you spent here was worth something! :)

blogger's disclaimer… yep, as I mentioned, I was sent 2 free shirts. They didn't ask for this post or anything else in return. I felt so good about the shirts, I wanted to let everyone know they are available and how much I like them. We are not affiliates and don't get anything other than a warm and fuzzy feeling if you like Della Luce style as well.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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