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Ok, NAB was three weeks ago and the folks at BlackMagic Design threw everyone for a loop with their announcement of their 2.5k Cinema Camera – but now we’re two weeks out and we’re wondering what your thoughts are after thinking about it for several weeks. I’m not seeing much chatter on twitter about it lately… has the excitement died off?

My initial reaction was kinda ho-hum… the deal breaker for me and I think many of you based on the recent HDSLR poll is the micro 4/3 sensor (tho frankly many posts don’t really complain about that).

Pre-order the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera at B&H photo (planet5D affiliate link)

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Small group of sample videos so far

John Brawley is the only one who’s released sample videos… here they are

there are 3 others, but since we can’t embed you’ll have to go to John’s vimeo page :(

Tho this is a ‘graded screen grab’ from John’s samples:

Other sites coverage

So, what are your thoughts?

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)