PluralEyes 3.0 preview! Bruce Sharpe gives planet5D a sneak peek

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Many of you are pluralEyes lovers and we know you're excited to see what is coming in the next release – and we've got it for you! Bruce Sharpe gives us the scoop and a preview of what is coming in the next release as well as an overview of some of Singular Software's other products.

We've also got a press release below that about FoxSpring Labs’ new iOS app which uses Singular Software’s CloudEyes to merge user-generated event videos. CloudEyes is discussed briefly in the video.

PluralEyes 3.0 preview

I will warn you our audio isn't very good but I think you can get thru it. We didn't get a chance to preview the setup before the press conference and tho Bruce had a mic, the NAB noise in the background was pretty obnoxious. [tentblogger-vimeo 41447830]

CloudEyes Press Release


FoxSpring Labs' new iOS app uses Singular Software's CloudEyes to merge user-generated event videos

Automatic sync solution enables user-generated content aggregator

Vancouver, British Columbia — May 1, 2012 — FoxSpring Labs (FSL) is nearing the beta release of CrowdSync™, an iOS app that aggregates user-generated content from live events and delivers seamless playback on mobile devices. FoxSpring has chosen CloudEyes™ as its foundation—Singular Software's web-based media synchronization technology that lets producers and contributors share footage and collaborate remotely.

We wanted to create a rich user experience,” says Laird Hayward, FSL co-founder. “We knew that we'd have to capture and provide high quality audio and synchronize from several video feeds shot at the same time. CloudEyes takes care of all of that for us—they're an indispensible partner.”

With the new FSL app, footage captured within the application or with the native iOS camera is pushed to CrowdSync servers, where it is analyzed and stitched together to create a virtual event users can explore using multi-touch controls. But without a reliable way to synchronize the visuals and sounds of multiple cameras, crowd-sourced event coverage would have been impossible.

It takes sound over a second to travel from the first row to the last row at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A.,” says Alex Fortunato, FSL co-founder. “Two clips may have the same network time stamp, but there will be audio latency. We needed to fix this problem and to make it easy for people to accommodate different angles on the same event.

To solve FoxSpring's audio latency challenges, the Singular Software team worked with their developers to create an elegant and scalable solution.

CloudEyes does an in-depth analysis of audio captured on multiple devices to ensure that they are perfectly in sync and to avoid latency effects,” says Bruce Sharpe, Singular Software CEO. “With us looking after this aspect of crowd-sourced video, FoxSpring's developers can focus on creating a fun and functional playback experience for their users.”

Look for the official launch of FSL's CrowdSync in the iTunes App store this summer.

About Singular Software

Since 2008, Singular Software has pioneered workflow automation for audio and video professionals. The breakthrough innovations of PluralEyes and DualEyes automate and simplify multi-camera, multi-take and dual-system audio productions, and integrate with the industry's most widely used video editing software. For more information about Singular Software, please visit:

CloudEyes is based on the same multi-award winning technology that powers the popular PluralEyes® and DualEyes™ products that sync audio and video clips for multi-camera and dual-system audio applications.

PluralEyes, DualEyes and CloudEyes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Singular Software Inc. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

CloudEyes Availability

Developers interested in learning more about CloudEyes can find out more on the Singular Software Website.

About FoxSpring Labs

Based in San Francisco, FoxSpring Labs is a software company focused on creating mobile applications that allow users to share their media in exciting new ways. To learn more about FSL products being released this summer, please visit

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