planetMitch and Barry Andersson on Crossing the 180 podcast

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In our continuing coverage of our Canon EOS 5D Mark III short “Incident on Marmont Avenue”, Barry Andersson and I were privileged to be on Ron Dawson's “Crossing the 180” podcast this past week… I think you'll find the show very interesting if you're a filmmaker!

By the way, Ron has been appearing on planet5D as a guest blogger… you can see his posts here on planet5D about filmmaking (and we're thrilled with what he's posted so far).

If you're interested in hearing more of Ron's pocasts, listen on iTunes!

From Ron Dawson

Just when I thought I was done with our series on “personal work,” more great interviews are found. This week you get two more for the price of one. Mitch “Planet5D” Aunger and Barry Anderson. These two set out to make one of the first short films shot on Canon's new 5DMark III — “Incident on Marmont Avenue.” With Mitch producing and Barry directing, what they put together is a film starring some pretty recognizable faces. Tune in and find out how it all came about.

Listen to the show!

Here's the show:

Incident on Marmont Avenue

Just in case you haven't seen the movie! [tentblogger-vimeo 40762760]

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