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You guys all know by now how much I love what Patrick Moreau and his @stillmotion team are doing – good golly I talk about them a lot – but this latest project grabbed my heart and I had to share it with you. Especially since it involves giving back to the community – the pay-it-forward idea works!

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Share started because we wanted to give back. after our first film, we feel like we have taken much more than we gave, and for that we have to thank everybody at Old Skool. if you enjoy the film and want to support Old Skool, please share their film and come visit their restaurant. if you have ideas or want to help our with our next Share film, please email is at [email protected]

Old Skool Cafe

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this year we launched Share, a stillmotion effort to give back. every year we'll donate our time and gear to tell a one story that could use our help to get a wider audience or recognition. if you'de like to nominate somebody for our next share film, please email us at [email protected]

getting to know so many of the people that make up Old Skool showed us a world that few of us had ever experienced first hand. it was certainly my first time visiting the projects and you can immediately feel the environment as you enter.

as you'll see in the film, what we were left with was such a warm portrait of these youth who put so much of who they are, and so much heart into making Old Skool a success. i can remember being in that age range, not quite 20 yet, and i don't think i could point to one thing that i care about half as much as these youth care about Old Skool. their perspective and determination at such a young age is absolutely awe-inspiring.

last Friday we brought a projector down to Old Skool to premier this piece. among a packed restaurant, Teresa stopped the kitchen and had everybody come out and take a moment to share in the experience. Tammy's first reaction to the film, through tears, was especially touching. she said that the Old Skool family means so much to her and the film showed the world how she knows each of them to be in her heart.

/////////////////// soundtrack selection

for the soundtrack we needed music that was at first quiet and contemplative, and later uplifting. originally we thought something with piano would work great for the first chapter, but it didn't feel perfect for the tone of the piece – while it filled the quiet need,we still felt the contemplative aspect was missing.

we've always been a fan of Drew Barefoot's music because of the contemplative nature of the music – you can't help but reflect on your own life as you listen to it. Enjoy The Calm filled both needs perfectly – it's both quiet and contemplative. when you watch this film, you feel a sense of calm in the characters as they talk about their past experiences; they've come to terms with who they were, and now they're looking at who they are and who they are going to be, and the title of the track and the music therein couldn't have been more perfect.

for the uplifting chapter, we turned to Kelli Schaefer's – Song For a Friend. the music, while uplifting, isn't over the top – it felt perfect for the emotional tone of the second chapter of the film and the lyrics couldn't have been better suited to the piece – I'm just going to stand by your side, I'm just going to hold your hand tight – it's exactly what Old Skool is about and it couldn't have been any more perfect for the end of the their film.

Music licensed at

Drew Barefoot – Enjoy the Calm

Kelli Schaefer – Song For A Friend

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. Wow. this piece really touched me as well. the stillmotion crew always seems to impress me.

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