It has become quite common these days to post videos with music that isn’t properly licensed for use in the video – this has become an epidemic in many people’s eyes – we somehow feel it is ok to use someone’s music without them minding. Yet we’d be pretty upset if someone ‘borrowed’ on of our clips for use in their video wouldn’t we? I’m trying to make sure my kids do the right thing when it comes to sharing music, so we should all do the same when we create our videos.

When we made “Incident on Marmont Avenue,” we made sure we licensed the music!

I was approached by TheMusicBed to do a guest post about licensing music, and because I’m pretty passionate about doing the right thing, I eagerly agreed. This video and blog post came from Mary Kate Dillard at The Music Bed.

Guest post: Mary Kate Dillard

My mother always taught me… “do it right: do it light, do it wrong: do it long” as a principle for cleaning my room. To unpack that maternal proverb a bit — it basically means, do things the right way the first time and you won’t have to cry about redoing it later.

So… In terms of music licensing, same thing. For as long as forever, filmmakers (us included) have either kept their heads down in the industry about what songs and artists they have synched to their films, or given them “proper credit” in the video description and thought they were in the clear. Wommmp. 

Consequently, with a bit more enlightenment trickling through the filmmaking community, videographers and photographers alike are being forced to pull projects and license ’em up. 

Solution time: wash your hands of your old ways, burn some incense and get your face in The Music Bed. The issue of license or not license reaches far beyond avoiding legal ramifications and into opening yourself up to community as an artist — that by being transparent with your sources, you are empowered to openly support the musical artists who’s pieces help make your films what they are.

And the reverse! You’ve left the door open for musicians to promote your work as well. Talking, sharing, and connecting are all made possible by the license. Freedom is here, folks.

Let’s not forget about our clients who then become fans of the artists that you’ve used in their films. See a pattern here?

Artist —> Filmmaker —> Client

We fondly refer to this as the triangle of power… or circle of love, if you prefer.

Ultimately, the small investment in rights to a song carries more relational value than you can measure. And it’s much less vexing to just do things right the first time.

Since you took time to skim our music manners lesson… we would love to give away some songs from To win a song, enter below!

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Mary Kate Dillard, The Music Bed.

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