Lensrentals discovers the fix to the Canon EOS 5D Mark III metering problem

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This just posted on twitter…

So, we're not sure this is the ‘real' solution, maybe just an interim fix for those cameras in the pipeline, but as long as it works, what do we care?

More data on their blog!

Hopefully people will stop calling it a “light leak” but one can only hope.

Lensrental's photo

(cover photo credit: snap from the photo)


  1. Like he points out in his post it makes sense, and works just fine, until the manufacturing process can be revamped for the long term production of the camera.

    Nothing wrong with this at all.

  2. Since the light leak issue does not apply to all serial numbers, I wonder what the non affected cameras have inside.

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  4. I don’t care if they put a piece of silly putty over the dang thing! As long as it works who cares. Also, you can’t even see it unless you destroy the camera.

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  6. I have two 5D Mark III bodies from the first shipment that are effected by the light leak to the metering sensor and have been trying to get Canon to do something about it to no avail. I took one body to their service center in Irvine last week and was turned away saying that they had not yet announced the fix but that it would be soon. I called today and was told that they are “still investigating the problem”. It is now two months after I purchased the cameras and they are still not offering to open them and install black tape or black mylar or whatever. I was at a Canon event in Hollywood for the 1DC a few weeks ago and the rep. there said that Canon needs to be able to act upon their fix globally on the same day so they need to get everyone up to speed. I wonder how long it takes to ship rolls of black electrical tape to their repair facilities? Maybe they’re just hoping everyone forgets. To make matters worse, their much touted new service center in Hollywood is just down the street from me but won’t accept me as a customer because I’m not a C.P.S. Platinum member. I spend all my camera money on Canon but until I spend $500 a year on a membership they won’t open their doors to me. I need to continue using their repair facility in Irvine…a two hour round trip with no traffic. All I can say is W.T.F.?

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