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I get a lot of emails about kickstarter projects and I don't always have a chance to sponsor them or post, but this is one that appeals to me – I love to see someone taking barriers and smashing them and just doing what needs to be done.

This is a little different in that the kickstarter is for a documentary about another filmmaker, but it is intriguing… here's the trailer for what the filmmaker is doing in iceland, and then after that is the appeal for kickstarter.

Invulnerable on kickstarter

Be Creative. No excuses.

It all started in Iceland, where earth meets itself coming and going through volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and more sheep than you can count. If you don't like the landscape, wait a few minutes. It might change. Remember Eyjafjallajökull? 

This is the kind of unstoppable creative energy we think of when we tell the story of our friend, Icelandic cinematographer Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson.

So, what is this Kickstarter project all about, and why does it need your help? 

It's about making a documentary, Invulnerable, which will follow Pétur's story as he finishes production work on his film HEILD. After a serious accident required Pétur to work from a wheelchair, he has never stopped pursuing his goal of creating the world's first non-narrative film about Icelandic landscape and society.

The documentary will also follow the evolution of Pétur's condition. Pétur is working hard on his rehabilitation, with the goal of using his legs to walk.

We are asking for your help to raise just enough money to pay the expenses of shooting this documentary. Any contribution will help this project to become a success.

Pétur will make HEILD no matter what, in spite of some very serious obstacles, the Icelandic landscape notwithstanding. Living with an unchosen vulnerability, Pétur can't help being who he is: a filmmaker.

via Invulnerable by Enrique Pacheco — Kickstarter.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. beautiful!
    It is like I recognize some of the images as being used in “Heima” a music docu about the fantastic icelandic band “Sigur Ros”

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