“Incident on Marmont Avenue” – the Digital Convergence Podcast episode

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Yesterday, I was on the Digital Convergence Podcast talking about “Incident on Marmont Avenue” including how it started and more… Carl Olson and Chris Fenwick pummeled me with questions (and since I love to talk, this turned out to be a long episode). Barry Andersson was scheduled to be on the show but wasn't able to make it, but we'll have him on another episode soon.

Get some behind the scenes on the creation of “Incident on Marmont Avenue” including the genesis of the story, background from Chris on his real experiences (the original story is his), and more!

Carl, Chris, and I are recording a new episode of the Digital Convergence Podcast every week and we think you'll be pleased to tune in… we're covering all sorts of topics every week from gear to photography to making movies.

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planetMitch and Barry Andersson just went to the best film school ever: they pooled their money and resources together, grabbed a couple of brand new Canon 5D Mark III's, lined up a stellar cast of actors and actresses, lined up a talented Director of Photography, assembled a top notch film production crew and sound man, and went out and actually shot a real movie with a plot. There's no better way to learn the art of filmmaking and story telling than actually getting out there and doing it. 

Incident on Marmont Avenue, Barry's and planetMitch's low budget feature short, is loosely based on a true story that happened to Digital Convergence co-host Chris Fenwick (you can read about the actual event here on Chris' website). planetMitch talks about how he and Barry came up with the idea, how they were able to secure top talent to appear in their movie, why they told the story as they did, and why it was the best film school they could have ever gone to.

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Incident on Marmont Avenue

In case you haven't seen it:

Incident on Marmont Ave

(cover photo credit: snap from the previous Digital Convergence Podcast episode showing Chris Fenwick editing)

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