“Incident on Marmont Avenue” Production Diary #4 – asking for money isn’t easy!

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Not long after Barry Andersson and I decided to shoot “Incident on Marmont Avenue” with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, I thought it would be great to keep a ‘production diary’ and my plan is to share it with you – but not all at once as that would be a book (I’ve written over 13,000 words in my draft!). The production itself has been an incredible learning experience and I know many of you will be interested to follow along.

In this fourth entry, we do more with the script and fundraising.


Barry sends me the completed script. This is cool! I’ve certainly never been involved in this part of a movie. The script is good and so is the story. I think it will intrigue a lot of people but there’s also the possiblity that it will confuse some too since there’s a bit of a time shift in there. I suspect it will also be a more difficult story to get across. Barry has faith we can shoot it in two days tho.

Since I’ve never been involved so early and don’t have experience with the intricacies of a script, I’m intrigued that there’s so much screen direction – Barry tells me he included more so that the story comes across to those reading it since it is just a short.

He’s sent it off to a top casting agent in Hollywood a few days ago and it turns out they’re very interested and picked us up! Barry and I talk and he’s very excited because he's sure that getting a top casting agent who's interested in the story is very positive and we might indeed be able to get top quality actors.

Talking to sponsors

We decided to call two potential sponsors today. I thought I could handle talking to the first one myself. I came away feeling very inadequate… I’ve never done any kind of proposal like this and it didn’t go as well as I’d planned it in my head. I understand everything we talked about, but I still feel like I blew it. “We don’t fund projects, but we’d be happy to provide you any gear you need.” Make sense since I suspect they get a lot of similar requests.

In the end tho, I just feel my first call didn’t go so well and I’m a bit frustrated. Barry seems more comfortable doing this stuff.

I convinced Barry to join me on the call to the second vendor – and boy did that go much better! Barry was there to say the right things! It sounds like they’re very interested in doing a long term project out of it to help with a goal to show some materials to film schools starting in the fall. We hope they’ll be interested in sending some cash our way!

This also means however that we’ve got to start writing some proposal kind of text to send off to clarify relationships. Oh boy, more work to do!

We settle on a couple of different funding levels and some deliverables that might entice some vendors.

I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but I have an order in at my local camera shop for their first Canon EOS 5D Mark III. I went over to Schiller’s Camera here not far from my house and my friend (planetSven) introduced me to the manager and I managed to convince him to put me first on the list. We just might get a camera to shoot with after all! Heck, he's even thinking it may come in the next week.

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Incident on Marmont Avenue” – Production Diary #5 – big name actors!

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