“Incident on Marmont Avenue” – Production Diary – #2 – What? we need a camera?

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Not long after Barry Andersson and I decided to shoot “Incident on Marmont Avenue” with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, I thought it would be great to keep a ‘production diary’ and my plan is to share it with you – but not all at once as that would be a book (I’ve written over 13,000 words in my draft!). The production itself has been an incredible learning experience and I know many of you will be interested to follow along.

In this second entry, we'll discuss the early planning as well as needing a camera to shoot with.

Monday, Feb 27 thru Friday March 2nd:

I didn’t accomplish much on the film this week tho Barry and Janie did.

For me, the week was filled with busting my fanny trying to create content for the blog about the Canon EOS 5D Mark III that would be announced at midnight Friday morning (Thursday night). I was working with Canon to get final details and answers to questions. There’s a lot to do when you’re putting together all of the regular blog posts for the week (you have to pretend nothing special is going on so you have to produce what you normally would have produced) plus 6 special posts for the 5D3 announcement!

Barry and his wife were tossing around a bunch of script ideas but they’re not sharing it with me right now – allowing me to concentrate on the blog and the Canon EOS 5D Mark III announcement.

It quickly dawns on us tho that even before the 5D3 is announced that in order to produce the short, we’ve got to have a camera!

Getting a camera

I’ve been talking with Canon about how to get a camera and it looks like we’re not on the top of the list for a loaner. Canon has tons of pre-existing relationships with other photographers and filmmakers and since planet5D is relatively new to the game (tho planet5D is over 3 years old, it is only recently that we’ve gotten access to early info from Canon) and tho we’re very popular with readers, their existing relationships shouldn’t really be broken. I’d be upset if Canon bumped me down the list for some whiper snapper young upstart blogger so I understand why I'm not at the top of the list (yet). So we won't be getting a loaner or two and Canon won't be sponsoring us like they have some others.

It looks like getting a camera or two (would be good to have a backup!) for this project will come down to trying to buy our own cameras. The rental houses aren’t likely to have them either as early as we want to shoot.

We’re told (and Canon put it in the press release) that cameras should be available by the end of March and we want to have the film ‘in the can’ before NAB – so we’re going to have to hustle. Heck, it may be really tight – especially if they're not going to ship until the end of the month!

We’d love to have a camera before the production release, but that’s not looking good. So, our target is to shoot the week of March 26th. That leaves us just under 4 weeks to get a camera, write a script, find actors etc. This is going to be hectic!

We’re planning to go back to LA to shoot the film because that’s where Barry’s filmmaking relationships are and where we can find the most talent.

Also, it dawned on me this week that I could still manage to cover the news at NAB, but only if I were to work with another blogger who was already going to cover it like I would have. I'll have to see what I can figure out!

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III announcement on March 2nd comes quickly and the blog is slammed with traffic! Good thing that I contacted my host (HostDuplex – if you need a place to host your site, you MUST call Sam at HostDuplex. I’ve never seen such incredible support!) and warned him the site would be getting 10x its normal traffic or more (turned out to be much more!).

So the next two days were spent dealing with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III traffic as well as answering questions, tweeting about the 5D3 etc. So let’s move on.

Coming tomorrow:

Incident on Marmont Avenue” – Production Diary #3 – beginning to think about budget and sponsors.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III preview)

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