Win a RØDE VideoMic Pro on planet5D – get your friends to help you win!

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The good folks at RØDE have given me 2 RØDE VideoMic Pros to give away and that means you've got a great chance to win one. Please scroll down to enter the giveaway! And notice there are multiple ways you can gain entry to the giveaway plus if you get your friends to click a link, you'll get 5 entries for each friend who does! So please make sure you share this giveaway with everyone you know!

I will note that one of the mics was opened and used on our Incident on Marmont Ave shoot – so it is even more special!

Our giveaway item! 2 RØDE VideoMic Pros

Enter via punchtab!

My video instructions on how to enter:

[tentblogger-youtube rJILyCaf77U]


You have two choices to register – enter by connecting with facebook or by entering your name and email. This is the only step you need to do to qualify. Make sure to enter your email correctly if you chose that option, that's how we'll contact you if you win. If we can't contact you within 3 days of the contest ending, we'll pick another winner!

Just follow the steps in the box (you'll be walked thru each step) and you'll earn more entries!

Earn additional entries by sharing the link given at the end of the process. Continue to spread the word for the duration of the giveaway, on social networking sites, forums, facebook, twitter, and your blog because you’ll receive five entries for every person who clicks on the links you’ve shared.

The “ url” or “ link” shown is unique to you. Save it for the span of the giveaway and use it whenever you want to increase your chances.

You can come back to this page and as long as you haven't cleared your cookies you should see the number of entries you've earned. If it doesn't come up automatically, re-enter your name and email address.

(cover photo credit: snap from the RØDE VideoMic Pro)


  1. Size, Sound, ease of use, there isnt enough i can say about this microphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Small portable size, great battery life, and surprisingly awesome sound for a little shotgun on my 5dm2.

  3. My favorite thing about the Rode VideoMic Pro is the pro quality audio for my HDSLR at an affordable price!

  4. Clean and crisp sound that adds a new diminesion to my HDSLR video.

  5. I’ve never used one but I have heard great things about it.

  6. The Rode videomic is great because you can keep it on the hot-shoe of your dslr or on a boom, mic stand etc.

  7. The best thing about this mic is that it’s made by RØDE!

  8. Love my Rode Mic! The sound quality and form factor is great!

  9. They are wonderful little, lightweight mics. Plus, they’re quite durable, from what I’ve heard.

  10. The Rode mic is a workhorse and bar-none in the audio field for journalistic shooting especially

  11. Fav thing is a nice compact size and good sound (at least it looks like it 🙂 hopefully can see for myself

  12. The compact size of the rode mic will favor the DSLR set-ups!

  13. I’ve only used the standard video mic, which has been amazing thus far for improving my dslr audio. The pro is an obvious step up!

  14. Great form factor for a DSLR. Not intimidating for close ups and great range for long shots.

  15. the sound is way better than I expected, and performs well in really challenging situations

  16. The best way to record state of the art sound on your HDSLR! Will make filming with HDSLR even more fun!

  17. I love this mic because the sound is great.
    And sound is so important in videos, (microphone from the camera are always quite crappy)…

  18. They don’t make silent movies any more and neither do I. I may have a great DSLR but I want great sound too. Rode mics, stunning sound for stunning images.

  19. Yay! Share with everyone you know (in the USA) then you (if you live in the USA) can win it (in the USA)!

    Checks atlas…..


      1. soz. In my churlish, curmudgeonly Britishness I checked the rules and it does appear to be rule number one.

        But I’m going to enter now!

        Pip pip!

        1. Author

          Yikes! I haven’t read those rules lately… I didn’t remember the USA thing being in there. I’ll ship overseas even tho it will cost me an arm and a leg… and I’ll use the cheap method too 🙂

  20. The great sound it produces straight into the camera, without any need for post syncing!

  21. Favorite thing about the Video Mic? Being able to trust the audio I capture with my camera.

  22. Love the quality of something so small. I never leave without my videomic pro. I always choose RØDE.

  23. I’d give anything to finally have some quality sound to go with my Canon 7D. Can’t afford it right now, so winning it would mean so much! Mom’s birthday is coming up, and I’d like to do a series of video clips wishing her happy birthday from everyone that knows her, all I need to make that happen is this Rode!

  24. It’s the great sound quality that SHOULD have come built into your camera. It’s lightweight, simple to attach, all without the need for audio syncing in post! There are even accessories that make it better than it comes, so it probably won’t get better than this!

  25. The form factor. Good audio and it doesn’t weigh down the camera.

  26. Pinpoint audio so i only get the audio that i want and not the surround sound

  27. Got to try out Rode mics at a recent HDSLR workshop at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Awesome stuff.

  28. Audio is 50% of the movie. And with this Rode Videomic Pro, your audio might even go higher than 50% because of it’s quality!

  29. Audio is 50% of the movie. And with this Rode Videomic Pro, your audio might even go higher than 50% because of it’s quality! (wrong email used above)

  30. Audio for every cinematic experience. Everything you need too help you create. Rode define the importance of what we hear and can record.

  31. Great stuff! Amazing microphone to work with, also the Stereo Video Mic Pro is great too!

  32. I have used the VideoMic Pro once on a behind-the-scenes shoot and it was lovely. It’s small, compact and weightless yet not tacky.

  33. Great build and so compact! Doesn’t get better than that!

  34. It’s crisp sound and easy way to record the audio from your DSLR.

  35. My favorite thing about the mic is its small and easy to handy while beating the internal mics by a long shot. 😉

  36. Great design and reputation, compact, powerful performance, no need for separate audio….

  37. It’s small enough not to be scary and in your face, but still hold amazing quality, so no more dodgy, tunnel sound, and unwanted sounds.

  38. I have the RODE Videomic and i’m really pleased with it’s performance! I don’t expect anything but excellence from the PRO version!

  39. Light and compact design, improves the sound quality of my DSLR.

  40. Gotta love the RODE quality, and everyone needs a directional mic.

  41. Nice sounding sound, durable build quality in a small shell.

  42. My favorite thing about the RØDE VideoMic Pro is it’s ability to capture audio very well compared to the on-board mono mic.

  43. I love the size and build quality! better than any other mic I own!

  44. My favorite thing about the Rode VideoMic Pro is the great sound quality and its way better then the crappy on board mic. Pick me, Pick Me!!

  45. I want so much win this! This will help me to capture the sounds.

  46. My favorite thing about the Rode VideoMic Pro is it’s price, especially if I win this giveaway.

  47. I like the R0DE VideoMic Pro cause my DSLR microphone sucks 🙂

  48. I love the Røde vmp because of the compact size and superior audio quality to most everything else on the market in it’s price range.

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