TS3Cine High Speed (slow mo) camera preview shots

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    Lots of new cameras coming out eh? Let’s not forget this new TS3 high speed camera in case you’re looking for some very slow motion… a couple of sample movies have arrived that you’ll want to watch!

    I’m sure we’ll see these guys at NAB!

    Jonathan Yi’s samples

    Michael N. Sutton (@MNS1974) and Rule Boston Camera (rule.com) allowed me to test the brand new TS3Cine High Speed Camera (ts3cine.com), so I tortured my friend and went down to the skate park. All shots were done in JPEG Stack mode at 718 fps, as DNG was not yet enabled. Lenses were Duclos modified Nikons. No color correction of any sort was applied to these shots. This is all straight from the camera.

    Director + DP: Jonathan Yi

    Assistant Camera: James P. Gannon

    Producers: Michael N. Sutton, Jonathan Yi, Corwin Carroll

    Camera provided by Rule Boston Camera

    Music: "Need You Now" by Cut Copy

    Waterboarding Victim: Joseph K. Gannon

    Skaters: Damien Brockett + Ben Kujawski

    TS3Cine Cease and Desist Edit
    by Michael N Sutton

    TS3Cine Cease and Desist NAB Unauthorized footage leak.
    shot by:
    Jared Abrams
    Jason Diamond
    Jon Yi
    Aaron Vogel
    Chris Collins
    Mike Sutton

    Music: “Cinema” by Benjamin Benassi (Skrillex Radio Edit / MNS1974 Edit 2011 All Around The World music

    (cover photo credit: snap from the Michael Sutton video)

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