The great next HDSLR features poll… what do you want in your next pro DSLR?

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With all the cameras recently announced (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800) and many of them having the features you indicated you wanted in the last poll, we thought we'd ask the question again!

If you don't recall, back in Dec 2010, we asked you what features you wanted in your next pro HDSLR – the results were shown here: “Top 5 HDSLR ‘must have’ features moviemakers want in the next pro HDSLR

I've added about 20+ new items that weren't in the original poll and I've tried to think of just about everything that has been mentioned as missing lately in the HDSLRs, but I may have missed something. Don't be afraid to discuss in the comments! Yes, some features may already be present in the latest HDSLRs, but I included them any way to have the most options… not all features are on the latest cameras!

Note: the last poll asked for your top 3, but I've added so many features to the list, I thought it would be more fair if you could vote for 5.

What are your top 5 needs in your next pro HDSLR?

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Like I said, don't be shy about posting comments – especially if I missed your most needed feature!

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  1. Depth of field AE mode (DEP):
    This mode was available on 1993’s Canon EOS 100 / ELAN and some old Digital SLR models. There is also Automatic Depth of Field AE (A-DEP) on my Canon 550D / T2i but it is difficult to have the nearest & farthest points on AF points at the same time and even if you manage to do it, there is no guaranty that camera will focus on those points. As A-DEP on Canon 550D T2i is part of the “Creative zone modes” (not basic zone modes), I was expecting this feature in an advanced form on 5D Mark III (like DEP of Canon EOS 100/Elan) having 61 AF points. Depth of field AE mode (DEP) was part of “Creative zone” modes on Canon EOS 100 / ELAN. It was also available on old high end Digital SLR models.

    Depth of field AE mode (DEP) of EOS 100/ELAN on 5D Mark III could have kept everything between two user-selected points in focus without the hassle of consulting hyperfocal distance charts, setting correct aperture and required ISO by utilizing the camera processor.

    Depth of field AE mode (DEP) is far better than A-DEP.

    Depth of field AE mode (DEP) allows you to select two points (dEP1 for nearest point to be in focus and dEP2 farthest point to be in focus) and camera takes a photo with everything between these two points is in focus.

    You can find many threads in different forums when it was discontinued on Canon high end Digital SLRs (perhaps because of short of memory at that time). I guess it is time to re-introduce this mode.

  2. It might have made more sense to divide this into two surveys; one for people who use their DSLR for stills or stills and sometimes video, and the other for people like me who never shoot a still photo but ONLY use the 5D for video. Among video pros, I’m willing to bet you a headphone jack and XLR audio inputs and an articulating screen would be in the top 5.

  3. I am certainly tempted to check way more than 5 too, there is one feature I have been dreaming of for long (and since this is all about dreaming): A built in interferometer with bulb ramping capabilities, wouldn’t that be awesome? (It would even be awesome to find something external to do bulb ramping other than some weird magic boxes put together by geeks, I mean a regular tool like software on a laptop for instance)

  4. Isn’t this like asking someone who’s been using their traditional sedan as a plumber’s truck what they’d like to see in next year’s sedan to make it a better plumber’s truck? What’s made the T2i such a good tool for me as a filmmaker is high quality video at a much lower price than most “video” cameras offer. Now manufacturers are seeing the light and realizing they should port that economy over to cameras designed from the ground up for film making, with better audio capabilities, programmable buttons making it easier to change settings on the fly, built-in ND, higher quality files, full time HDMI output, etc. Yes, adding all that stuff brings the price up – $9K for the new Sony FS700 vs. $699 for the Canon T2i – but even $9K is revolutionary compared to the cost of professional video cameras delivering the same, or lesser, quality a couple of years ago.

    As someone who doesn’t shoot very many stills at all with my HDSLR, I want a real video camera delivering improved quality and ease of use at a price us mammals can afford as we scramble around at the feet of the dinosaurs.

    1. Agreed !
      The days of combo still-video cameras should be long gone a.s.a.p. please.

  5. I could really use an ‘anti-twist’ sprung stud on the bottom like my video camera has to keep it from twisting on the base mount. DSLRs lend themselves to odd camera locations and rigging – having the camera twist out of position is a time-waster.

  6. What I would really like to see is a software based camera instead of firmware based. They need to have open SDK so that developers can push the limits of the hardware. I think the hardware is at the point where we can’t improve upon it much. But with more open software Platform there could start to be things like remote viewing and controlling from mobile devices, like i

    1. That would be absolutely great but unfortunately won’t ever happen…. at least with big companies.

      It’s a matter of business. Manufacturers build to sell, cripple cameras to sell more, and refresh models (even when some improvements are not so big or they could improve existing models via firmware/software) to sell even more and keep good position in the market.

      They “need” to release new cameras from time to time, a marketing “rule” (and consumers habit to buy new).

      You think like Linux / Open source which is great, but they’re like Microsoft & Apple (100% commercial companies). They will keep their secrets at all cost.

      Also, if they released the source code of the operating system of their cameras, the competition would get it too. That’s why it won’t happen.

      Most you can get is (limited) SDK to write some software and build some hardware to interact with the camera.

      The only way to push the hardware to the limits and get those features that we all want is to hack them. Sad indeed.

  7. I’d really love to have a split image focusing screen. I use manual focus a lot. Also would be nice to have the AA filter an option. I use very high resolving lenses and would like to get more from them. Also I use capture one pro and it does a great job at removing moire.

  8. I believe we would all benefit from sensors with significantly greater dynamic range. In-camera HDR is a poor solution to the problem of real word shooting.

  9. one missing feature that the C300 has:

    Base sensitivity: 850 ISO

    of course, after checking this, it is needed to check the built-in ND filters too:)

  10. I have no interest in video. Like the comment about the sedan/plumber’s truck. Give me stellar still features. Make a different camera for video. I’ll carry them both if I want both. There are too many sacrifices in a camera that attempts to be all things to all people, still and video.

  11. I had to answer this survey from the perspective of what I would add to the functionality of the 5D3. IOW, how I would want the next HDSLR to be better than the 5D3. Otherwise, I’m forced to focus on the foundational elements that are already available to me: full frame sensor, effective AF system for stills, low noise at high ISO, etc. just to insure that Canon doesn”t go backwards.

    If the question is what I would trade off from the 5D3 in favor of other features then my answers would be different—and there aren’t many things. Gimmicks like multiple exposure mode and enhancements that don’t really benefit anything but JPG stills would go but not much else. Canon did a good job in terms of features.

  12. Shorter and deterministic shutter lag
    Second Curtain Sync in Wireless Flash mode (Come on Canon, this isn’t rocket science…)
    (Much) higher video frame rates at lower resolution to produce slow-motion video – again, not a big challenge. The Casio EX-F1 managed 300fps at ‘full frame’ for less than $1K…..

  13. 1) I think it is unrealistic to ask for XLR audio connectors on a DSLR-like camera design, but a small professional audio connector like a TA3F type to accept a line level signal from an external mixer or radio receiver is realistic and would make people very, very happy!

    2) An electronic viewfinder with wave form and/or histogram is really a must for video. Like the one in the Sony A77 (bad camera, but the viewfinder is absolutely great).

  14. I don’t understand. Why to think about what we want in future pro HDSLR when Canon and Nikon have just released their latest cameras?

    Why not to ask them to include some of these features on current 5D Mark 3 and D800?

    We all know that many of these functions are possible by just adding them via firmware update…

    To think about future cameras is like being always running behind something and never able to reach it.

    Current HDSLR by Canon and Nikon have lot of processing power. Both manufacturers can add some of these features via firmware update!

    If we always keep thinking about future, we’ll be always waiting, and even worse, we’ll be willing to spend more and more money on devices that can be updated and improved RIGHT NOW.

    Just a simple example: Why none of these camera have Peaking function? Both can have such essential feature for video.

    It’s all about business, marketing and product segmentation that sucks and make all customers to be always praying for features that can be implemented right now!

    1. Magic Lantern has added a lot of functionality to my T2i and is available for other Canon models as well. It lets me turn off Automatic Gain Control and set both analog and digital gain levels, for one. It also has peaking and zebra plus a ton of stuff I never get into.

      1. Yes, Magic Lantern is a clear demonstration that lot of features can be added to these cameras right now. Even more now with the more powerful processors that 5D Mark III and D800 have inside.

        It seems we always end up hacking cameras to get the features manufacturers don’t want to include for end users.

        Just to mention few: Clean HDMI output (for Canon), Peaking, Crop video mode (for Canon), slow frame rates & faster frame rates in video, Crop marks, Digital Zoom, Rack focus presets, False colors, Zebras, and the list can go on…

        ALL these features can be added via firmware. We DON’T need another camera, WTF?!

        If Canon and Nikon don’t want them to be free, at least offer a NON-FREE FIRMWARE UPGRADE for those advanced users that need those features!

  15. I’d take higher dymanic range (no HDR crap) over RAW video anyday.

  16. I think a fill in integrated flash would be very usefull but it is not in the list. Nikon is understanding, canon has no eyes no ears.

  17. I would like a small body, like the t2i, or about the same, and no need for in built ND filters, because I put those on the lens… Then I would like that lovely t2i, which I’ve already got, to shoot 4K or to have a better codec (4.4.4), like the gh2 for example, so it can be hacked and deliver greater details in video, and then I would like it to have a full frame sensor of course, 1080 p at 60 FPS or slower motion like 240 FPS, articulating screen, no moire and no rolling shutter, two slot cards.

    …and something that acts as a serious Steadicam, inbuilt in the camera body, and not on the lens… like those found in the more expensive camcorders.

    I don’t care about the accurate auto-focus…

    and I hate the “camcorder body shape”,

    the most important thing of all for me has been to be able to take my camera with me, and film without people to know I’ve got a film camera in my hands, without people to come closer because they see this huge camcorder attracting all the attention… and also if it is heavy, I get tired of carrying it around… I love t2i because it’s SMALL.

    I’m dreaming of a better t2i 😉

  18. Weather proofing?
    Wider focus point array? Perhaps full screen?
    Internal radio trigger for off camera flash?
    A flash sync of at least 1/250?

    How could these be missing from the list above if they are asking for pro features? This clearly is for non pros…

  19. Remote – manual lens control of (in my case) EOS lenses.

    Using the lens’ autofocus motor to allow an assitant to pull focus in real time is the one and only feature I want.

  20. I would like an option combine pixels on the chip.
    In effect I could choose a smallRAW with smaller resolution but better high-ISO-performance (due to lager pixels) or a fullRAW with full resolution (but weaker high-ISO-perf. due to smaller pixels)

  21. Most all the answers were video related… How about an SLR which can talk directly to the internet?

  22. I am into Canon’s. And I would also like to see the next incorporate longer metered times than todays 30 sec’s.

    Have checked five 🙂

  23. Ability to use both all functions of my present Canon lenses (electronically controlled aperture, distance and lens information sent to camera, image stabilization, etc) via the camera’s mount or an adapter combined with a short flange to sensor distance so other quality lenses in other mounts (e.g. Nikon) could be mounted with similar functionality.

    Think of the Sony NEX 7 with the Metabones adapter for Canon lenses but with a full-frame sensor.

  24. Smartphone interaction!
    1 change settings from phone or tablet wirelessly
    2 see preview
    3 set focus
    4 set flashes
    5 access to all menus
    6 wireless file transfer
    7 less noise
    9 less expensive (less than 3K, not another 1k price jump)
    10 4k video would be nice but a bit unrealistic for a mark4

  25. My only wish is for Canon to return f8 AF to their cameras. Without it all else is irrelevant to me.

  26. I guess I’m the only one who has problems with sensor spots. I was quite disappointed that the 5DIII did not include an improved sensor cleaning system (such as the one reportedly on the 1D X). Barring that, better sealing might help.

  27. Wireless photo xfer direct to my laptop/iPad.

    Why, in 2012, do I still have to plug in my camera or take out the CF card to get the images off of it?

    Want a 7D MK II with full-frame + wireless as above.

  28. What about in-camera ND Grad/color filters (I’m sure this can be software driven)?? or integrated radio flash control?? or ability to set lower and upper limits for ISO, f-stop and aperture in any mode in which the camera automatically sets any of the parameters (AV,TV or auto-ISO modes)?? How about illuminated buttons, like the new D4?? or AF assist light?? or in-camera panoramic stitching from a video file?? or something as simple as firing a flash using a remote transmitter on-camera when in live-view? or longer exposure times and metering capabilities?? None of this is rocket science, yet Canon fails in providing these simple tools that can speed workflow and/or provide more creative options.

  29. Good idea.
    Thank you for putting a bunch of stuff into this informal poll.

    I often overlook things, so please allow the
    gentle suggestion to add —

    1) No Anti-Alias filter (software has a ton more computing power available than a camera trying to save 4 or more images per second)

    2) 16 bit data / pixel (A/D conversion)

    3) 2+ more stops of Dynamic range (like Jim, Douglas and Eric mentioned above), – Oh heck 4 more stops would make me a very happy fellow.

  30. CLEAN SHADOWS at ISO 100

    16 or more stops Dynamic Range

    16 bit Color Depth

    1/500th or Faster Flash Sync

  31. I think the 5D3 should have had a built in Tripod, parking spot, and dolly. It should be filled with Helium so its lighter – and wince the body shell is made from magnesium – I want spinners, just like rims on cars.

    I think it would be great if we could record on DAT, not only CF and SD cards. Canon is just limiting me too much with this.

    Forget articulating screens, lets have a built in projector so it projects everything onto a wall.

    It should have a rangefinder, laster pointer, and a place to store baggies in case rover takes a dump.

    And after I spent 3500 dollars, can you believe my dishes aren’t automatically clean. This camera should do my dishes, walk the dog, do my homework, file my taxes…..

    PEOPLE – its just a camera body!

  32. Is it me or are people missing the point when the survey focuses on HDSLR’s??? 🙂

    For now, I’d rather focus on the things I can’t add aftermarket. Audio, how many of us bought some form of external recorders already? Articulating screens, how many of us bought external monitors for that too?? Neutral density filters, yes aftermarket has that covered as well.

    What we can’t get is more out of the body. Which means I’d rather have raw output and better frame rates. Those should be priorities in my mind. Because the rest of the technology is already so darn good!

    I believe the 5DMkIII fell short by not having 1080/60p. We’d have to boost ISO to compensate for the higher shutter angle required but, it should be worth it. With no way of testing it I’m only guessing that rolling shutter should lessen by shooting at that frame rate.

    A dream setup, which I have NO idea why Canon didn’t implement it is the camera using either USB3.0 or a Thunderbolt connection feeding into a 10″ tablet. Where we’d have a gorgeous touch screen to view and control the camera. You could even daisy chain in a couple of additional monitors and/or recorders. Cable length are plenty long enough for most task. This is where I really wonder what Canon was thinking, USB 3.0 was specifically designed with uncompressed 1080p60 in mind! Which actually takes a huge burden off the video processors in camera. And, no MPEG licensing fee’s and issues too 🙂

  33. No more combo video-still cameras please !!
    A combination video and still camera belongs ONLY in the entry level market. When you get above the $ 3,000 level a decent video camera does not make a good still camera and vice versa.

    1. Bengt – I see you sent 4 entries about not combining video and still images – all agreeing with yourself. Thats really shameful.

      I actually like the still & video – for one thing it means 1/2 the amount of equipment I need to bring with me.

      I shoot weddings. Sometimes another photographer got the stills assignment, and then I can shoot the weddings with a fantastic video capable camera – and that way I get business even if someone else gets chosen. WIN WIN

      I hope Bengt doesn’t get his wish – no offense – while I think many people are greedy and want too much, the more I get for the same investment the better.

      1. I am happy that your business model is working out for you.
        You certainly have the right to your opinion, as many times as you want, without shame. I reserve the same right.
        If you look at what Canon will be bringing out in the next couple of days you will realize that the combo cameras will be strictly amateur equipment before to long.

        1. I hardly think the combo cameras will ever be considered “amateur equipment”, they have been used in major motion films and primetime television production. The new stuff Canon is bringing out should be better for dedicated video(as would be expected). It should be make video production EASIER because it is designed specifically for that purpose, but for a large number of professionals and amateurs the current “combo cameras” will be continue to be a fabulous tool for both stills and video, producing exceptional results.

          I’d like to see a stills camera that incorporates a full frame sensor with a magnesium alloy body (but I’d take a high quality plastic if the price was right) in a less expensive body. I’d like to see it have dual memory card slots and do very well up to 6400 or 12800 ISO level to make it ideal for wedding photography. I’d like it to be the Canon 5 D Mark III essentially, but I don’t mind a bit lower resolution, a little bit slower frame rate (about 5fps would be okay), a similar autofocus system as the 7D, etc. In other words, an entry level full frame camera with decent autofocus, dual memory card slots, and excellent ISO performance. I’d even take a cropped sensor version with 12 or 14 megapixels (if 6400 ISO were good quality), and dual memory card slots. Just my .02.

  34. Would be great to have a w-lan/blue tooth connection that could directly connect with a Iphone/Tab/Andriod…. wich makes it possible to use the phone or tablet as a bigger screen, with all functions of the camera available directly on the phone or tab.

    That would make the need of an articulated screen less vital, and get a cheaper access to a bigger screen, and more flexible remote controll and bigger preview of the pictures.

  35. I am missing my most important feature: increased dynamic range! Have you ever shot with an Alexa? The dynamic range is amazing. I want that for both stills and video.

  36. IJG has a few things i would like Too.
    1. Built in Flash Control
    2. Built in Wireless file transfer
    3. Built in GPS

    From the above posts I like
    4. Backlit buttons

    I’m sure all are easy to implement..

  37. I wander why new 3.000$+ Cameras do not have GPS and/or WiFi functionalities. Even 50-100$ smart phones have it nowadays. Therefore it can’t be a question of money (of course this way they can sell overpriced additional equipments).

    As I am into travel photography GPS is really handy.

    1. Both Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800(E) offer a GPS accessory. The Canon GPS is a Sony style which requires post processing to merge GPS data into the photo EXIF files. The Nikon writes real time GPS to the EXIF files in the camera.

      1. True. But have a look at the price…..
        The GP-E2 GPS (for 5DM3) is around $300.
        And it is not just a question of money but of size and weight as well (I am into travel photography).

        1. I agree with you. I have been using a third party GPS. This Gisteq GPS was around $250, poorly designed and quite temperamental. Just like the GP-E2 GPS for the 5DM3 it requires Pre Travel Clock Matching and Post Photography Processing to write GPS data to the photo EXIF files.
          I would love for the 5DM3 to have a built in, direct writing GPS. But I guess they would have to give up some little video feature to fit it in.
          Yes, Hot Debate !
          Seriously speaking, the difference between the mobile phones that already have GPS, versus cameras that don’t is the fact that mobile phones already have antennas and T&R amplifiers built in.

  38. 1. I want depth of field priority, where the camera automatically calculates the aperture based on lens and focus distance.

    2. I want more dynamic range, say 32 bit raw.

  39. Sorry I meant “stabilizer” and not Steadicam,

    I would like a decent inbuilt stabilizer, in the camera body close to the sensor or something, so I can use my old Nikkor lens from the 70s that do not have “VR” or whatever it’s called. 🙂

  40. GET RID OF THE AA FILTER!!…enough already with the soft files that we have to sharpen. If anyone has experience with non AA cameras, we know how moire is hardly ever an issue!!! At least make it removable!

    focus speed accuracy can surely improve on the 5Dmk2

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  42. I do appreciate the engineering and marketing decisions and compromises that companies must make in our imperfect world as well as practical and technological limitations. With that being said, here’s my personal wish list for camera manufacturers.

    1) I apologize if this one sounds snotty, but we need shorter X-Sync duration (1/500sec?) for using Speedlite flashes outdoors in daylight. High speed sync with multiple flashes simply looks awful! I simply can’t carry studio flashes up a mountain. Is this really such a hard thing to do?
    2) Please pay as much attention to the needs of outdoor/nature shooters as you have to video shooters
    3) sharpen raw images: For example, please do anti-aliasing in software only for the jpeg-ers. Raw images should be RAW.
    4) API for download-able photo apps like iPhone has
    5) Suggestion: don’t make people who don’t need video/audio subsidize the cost for those who do. At the same time, give videographers the tools they need instead of forcing them to adapt DSLR’s

    1. Author

      Pete, I appreciate your inputs… but I’ll comment on #5… guess what… suppose you don’t ever use the high fps for sports, if that were true, you could complain that those who need that are costing you more. There’s always some feature put into a camera that you’re not going to use that someone else does… so does that mean that feature shouldn’t be put in so you’d have a lower cost? The video functions came after live view was put on DSLRs – and people complained then that they didn’t need live view so why pay extra for it? It just goes on and on…

      1. The Hot Debate
        Combo products are almost invariably a sign of an immature product. As digital cameras became fast enough and memory small and inexpensive enough to record video, manufacturers started including rudimentary video even in the top level DSLRs.
        Canon today offers 561 different camera products.
        Nikon offers 278. Though those figures include bodies with and without kit lenses, the numbers indicate that the manufacturers are willing to offer us what we seek.
        For example; Nikon today offers a D800(E) with and without an AA filter.
        Please give us DSLRs with and without video so that the evolution of top quality DSLR Still Photography can go on without being hijacked by the compromises necessitated by the inclusion of video !

        For those of you who think there is no compromise necessary, look at the new $15,000 to $30,000 video HDSLRs coming out as we speak.


  44. Out of all honesty i just want a entry level full frame DSLR

    secondary wishes are just low noise on high iso, fast multpoint AF (more than the standard 9point preferred).

    And most of all price. I know the secondary is what makes a lot of cameras really expensive but as a “sorta” amateurish hobbiest, I would love to shoot with full frame but the are just wayyy too expensive at the moment

  45. On top of fast autofocus, low light and IQ I must say GPS for me is a must have before upgrading. No reason my cell phone can have this and my DSLR can’t. Was surprised 5D MKIII didn’t have it built in. Chunky attachment seems silly to me.

  46. I do most studio work with a studio digital back, and my outdoor/street/nature/people work with a DSLR, and I also use this same DSLR to keep on hand anyplace I go for family pix and so on…, and LOVE that I can switch to video.
    I have taken a number of poster worthy images by being someplace with family when I had no assignment, but had a Pro quality DSLR to capture a moment…….Then took more fam pix and video. I would never got the poster worthy image if I had compromised my tools. But a Film worthy video?
    This way pro quality imaging isn’t compromised while not working.

    Canon cameras should take a shift in direction like an uneven fork… The PRO DSLR should still have video ability, but not needed to have all the PRO video ability. While the PRO video DSLR tool, like the 300C should have PRO video ability, but not the best or maximum of DSLR ability for stills.

    This is a shift that we should see…But to drop a function just because you’re a purist or something makes no sense. When on a project it doesn’t matter regardless as you will use the top gear to get the job done right. Today, I think we have close to the ultimate….

    I can see the 5D being closer to 28MP, I can also see the mirror disappear. Do we really need a SLR mirror? It’s 2012! Isn’t there a better alt without compromise? As I don’t necessarily mean to use the LCD like screens as a viewfinder, as they can be improved from the ones I have seen a few years back. How about a focus system that uses heat as a sensor….that might be a nice option to switch to for wild or sports. There is so much possible……
    Better & faster focus, optional AA a must (so sad Canon will be the last at doing this) (Fuji, Nikon, Sigma, Oly, all have this in some form/fashion removed or optional),…. sw enhancements for bracket / stack focus, and more fps perhaps, and LOVE the quiet shutter, and many other things added to the 5Dmk3, but I hardly use 10% of the video ability, YET I would be a lost customer if they got rid of it. (gotta love Nikon for making the AA optional. Wish the D800 files looked better though. I think they plugged in too many pixels, based on some images I saw online. Will need to look at some more 100% crop images to make final conclusions).

    This would be my approach to solve this….

    Perhaps they can fork off the 5D line….

    5D Mark4v
    5D Mark4p

    they can even build kits for V and P specific lines.

    Have all the strong points of video on the V line, and the still strength like mpixel, frame, and all the other still strengths on the P (photo) line.

    This way the intent is clear, and no hijacking of anything.
    What reason would there be to drop one?

  47. I own a Canon 7D – a camera capable of focussing properly and not produce majority soft shots would be a GREAT feature. Also a company that will respond to such a major problem would be fantastic.

    For those naysayers out there…. if you don’t have the problem you don’t know.

  48. I would love to see a proper ND filter wheel built into a DSLR. This probably will never happen, but it is so handy in my SONY XD cam. I know that a DSLR is not a video camera, but built in ND would not be a big deal to do…

  49. Thank you for being so complete. I have both the 5D3 and the D800. I’m still waiting for the D800E. My major complaint with both cameras was how long I had to wait for not only the cameras but with the important accessories like the vertical grip. I also use L brackets and the people that make the L brackets need to get the vertical grips first so they can design and make the brackets. In all I waited for over three months the D800 to be complete and I’m still waiting on the Canon L bracket to be complete. The grip will be here on Tuesday. All aspects of a product need to be delivered at the same time would be a major improvment.
    As far as the D800 is concerned, the lousy looking LCD when doing focus magnification really needs some work. Compare it to a 5D3 side by side doing manual focus usine a tilt shift lens – WOW Canon is so much better I can’t believe it. Did Nikon even look at the competition?

  50. Would like to see a full frame (Canon) in the 24 MP range at a price point of $2000 or less (body) only.
    Would also like a full frame as above without the video option at a price point of $1500 or less for those of us that do not take video (prefer a dedicated video CAMERA)

  51. I appreciate the poll, but by design, I am not surprised that touch-screen got 1% of the vote. Maybe try a version 3 of the poll, where instead of picking top 3 or 5, you design it differently.

    Sure, considering all the choices, I doubt that many people will put touch screen as 3 or 5 most wished-for items, but it may come in 7th or 10th, which doesn’t make it irrelevant.

    It is important to realize that adding features will drive up the development, design, build, marketing, and support costs, so if the poll-taker imagines a realistic price increase for every feature added that is not just firmware-oriented, you start getting different, more relevant results. If the poll could rate the priority order, by moving up/down the features, and noting which ones will add to the cost , then you get better insight. For example, in terms of XLR input, it is an adapter that uses a common interface, that is specifically tuned to that model, and works with the menu options, that creates an easy way for manufactures to integrate features, without making them significantly add to the cost of the core product.

    You can also do an edit, like “camcorder body shape”…If one wants better video features, and camcorder body shape…then just buy a camcorder…right?

    HDSLR’s are for still shooting first, with ability to do some video. Canon C300 addresses many of these issues, so why try to push all these video features into every DSLR? Segmenting into specialty products that create the big sensor look and quality is the way to go, rather than jerry-rigging all these items, and coming out with a frankenstein.

    Companies like Canon should reach out to ask the top pros / influencers of DSLR film-making what are the top accessory models, and then just add their branding to create a partnered product that is then sold through the DSLR retail chains, so that buyers can just choose that one “recommended / integrated” items and add it their camera purchase, rather than researching / testing items to find out what is recommended. Think of how car companies teamed up with car audio system manufactures to create systems that are fully integrated, turnkey, optimized, and covered under the same warranty, yet using expertise, brand awareness, and manufacturing volume to create an easy solution for higher-end vehicles.

  52. hard to believe some of these choices. Better audio is more important than increased censor and pixels. Plenty of that already for vid

  53. I think as a photographer rather than a videographer I would like to see a reasonably priced DSLR. I ended up buying the 5D mkII as my first full frame camera rather than the mkIII because it was half the price, and really? what alternative is there in the budget full frame range? (Canon wise)

    I say strip the 5D mkIII down to bare bones stills only, add features like increased X-sync speed (1/500??), twin CF cards with simultaneous back up, low noise all round and more flexibility for RAW shooters (someone already mentioned AA filter before). Also more user custom settings and pic style user def settings. Get rid of creative auto, who the hell uses that on a 5D mkIII anyway?? Built in time lapse ability would be cool too. Basically a camera for photographers!

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