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With all the cameras recently announced (like the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800) and many of them having the features you indicated you wanted in the last poll, we thought we’d ask the question again!

If you don’t recall, back in Dec 2010, we asked you what features you wanted in your next pro HDSLR – the results were shown here: “Top 5 HDSLR ‘must have’ features moviemakers want in the next pro HDSLR

I’ve added about 20+ new items that weren’t in the original poll and I’ve tried to think of just about everything that has been mentioned as missing lately in the HDSLRs, but I may have missed something. Don’t be afraid to discuss in the comments! Yes, some features may already be present in the latest HDSLRs, but I included them any way to have the most options… not all features are on the latest cameras!

Note: the last poll asked for your top 3, but I’ve added so many features to the list, I thought it would be more fair if you could vote for 5.

What are your top 5 needs in your next pro HDSLR?


Like I said, don’t be shy about posting comments – especially if I missed your most needed feature!

(cover photo credit: snap from Flickr and a creative commons image)