planet5D NAB 2012 coverage details

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NAB 2012 is starting and planet5D will be there to cover it. However, our coverage will be a bit different than last year as we're teaming up with and and will be sharing much of their coverage with you. Of course, I'll be doing some reporting on my own, but I will be covering some of the additional material that those guys may not get to. This will give you the widest coverage possible.

Covering a massive show like NAB isn't an easy task. I've learned over the past 2 years of planet5D coverage just how hard it is as a one man band to try to do all the work yourself. And trying to get the reports online the same day would mean bringing a crew of at least 3. I explored doing that and this year, I ended up deciding that it would be really cool to work with another team and to take the money I would have spent bringing my own crew on making the planet5D Canon EOS 5D Mark III short film.

Being a one man crew, I've chosen to record floor interviews and then to bring them home and edit them and present them the week after NAB and I'll likely do that this year as well. It is so important to spend as much time as possible at the show meeting and networking and developing relationships… and I know you want the latest news immediately so we will provide via the FreshDV coverage.

FreshDV / NextWaveDV playlist!

This page will show the latest news during the show as well as it uses the youtube playlist functionality… as new videos are uploaded, you'll see them appear in the window below.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)