Peter Prevec gets his hands on the brand new Sony NEX FS700

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Yesterday, we posted the announcement of the Sony NEX FS700 – well, Peter Prevec let me know this morning that he's been using the FS700 and has some stills to show on his blog – video will be coming later this week.

From Peter

This weekend I got the chance to play with the new Sony NEX FS700. I was the last in line to test a preproduction model on its European tour. As soon as I heard that I will get the camera to Slovenia I organized a few shoots to stress test the camera and check the new beast.

I shot two short movies and a few interesting clips during the short period of time I had the camera and will have them up on my blog later this week, because I have to wait for the official Sony video (which I am also a part of) to come out first.

The new camera is FS100′s bigger brother. Its design and feel is similar, with some major improvements. Most noticeable are build in ND filters which add to the size of the body but help with the ease of use. No more fumbling with the screw on variable NDs. The camera is also more solidly build and has a rugged handle. It has a HD-SDI for proper monitoring and off board recording. The most important feature of the camera is its ability to shoot at high speeds at up to 240 fps in 1080p resolution. This camera is a true world camera as it is 50Hz/60Hz switchable. Maximum speed when shooting at 50Hz is 200 fps, and 240fps at 60Hz. When triggered the camera records around 10 seconds of footage at desired format (24fps, 25fps,…). The camera can also do higher speeds at reduced resolution, so I didn’t bother to check this option. 10 seconds of footage at 200fps translates to stunning 75 second of world coming to a still.

Of course I wanted to shoot slow motions as much as I could so I decided to record fast moving motocross rider on the first day. The off road terrain near Ljubljana’s airport was tough. There was no rain for quite some time and the track was hard and dry. The air was filled with dust and as soon as I saw that it was settling on the camera I got a bit scared. I didn’t want to ruin the camera in the first few hours. But the camera performed flawlessly and the hard environment didn’t prevent me from capturing great images. I used Nikon lenses and they turned out splendid.

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Peter has more about the FS700 on his blog: Stress testing the FS700.

(cover photo credit: snap from the article)

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